Saturday, July 5, 2008

tales of a bus-taker

i have been consistently taking the U62 for the past 5 months and lets say when im not snoozing away at my seat, i've come to notice the assortment of people that comes in macam-macam shapes and colours. today's yield was rather more interesting.

first and foremost, we have the sunway/subang students and employees and travels up and down religiously. this group of people whom i am a part of goes up and down everday as if they were just going to klang parade or something and dont bother dressing up elborately. or at least i dont.

and then we have the underage mat rempits and lala muis that tries so hard to look "kewl" with their ghetto glasses, mini shorts, boots and weird haircuts and managed to pull it off by looking lame. horribly lame. the guys talk like their way "kewl" and the girls dont talk, but rather squeeks so they sound articifially, disgustingly "cute". im sure you know what i mean. anywho, i had the priviledge to have a group of lalamuis sitting behind me on they way back and overheard one of them.

*read with articifially fake cute voice in chinese*
lalamui:"yooohhh why didnt she bring boys to introduce?"
other lalas : "......"
lalamui:"i want to know boysssssssss leh~"
me : "..... wtf. -____-'''' "

next up we have the couples, who will have their hands intertwined with each other, heads on shoulder, whipering, laughing...... sweet, but can be plently annoying at times. especially when they are seated at a bright corner. i even saw a guy squezzing his girls' pimple. yes, another wtf moment.

and we have a different group that i like to call the "occasionals" or in malaysian term : kumpulan rojak. we have the occasional not-so-right-person that has long beard and walk around without his shoes; the occasional foreigner that come to klang for god knows what reason; the occasional family with a daugther with serious im-so-cool-you-suck attitude problem, the occasional girl/boy going to meet her/his boy/girlfriend while waiting anxiously for pyramid to draw nearer, the occasional newbie who isn't sure how or where the bus leads to, the occasional girl with way too much make up, and, the occasional..............................

hot guy XD. this rare breed comes once in like never during normal days and places let alone on a bus, on THE bus i was on. fate? this 2 guys in yellow and black, european probably, came onto the bus halfway through the high way with a cute little boy that is absolutely positively cute and stood right smack in front of me while the boy took the empty seat. i shall call the hot guy "hot yellow shirt guy" for obvious reasons. i will ignore the part where they were with a friendly indian girl, their host probably. they were funny, i swear the whole bus was looking at them and laughing at the noises and mischeif the little boy and black shirt guy was up to. i was almost starring at the little boy's cuteness and he occasionaly stared back at me. *pai sehs* at the same time i stole glances at the hot yellow shirt guy while he seemed amused by the giant golden lion head that is pyramid. i shall not discuss his hotness here because it would be weird. lolsss. we got down at the same stop and climbed the skybridge with hot yellow shirt guy inches away from me. now here comes the embarrasing part : as we landed and last step and made our way though the entrance,

hot yellow shirt guy stopped me and pointed at my back, : "backside".
me thinking: "wtf whats wrong with my arse" while looks at ass
and then he swung a hand at my back, not backside and a green thing flew out and landed on the floor.
confused and blurr me : " what is that?"
black shirt guy and little boy: "grasshopper. :)"
(it was a gigantic grasshopper to be exact)
me: "ohh its okay," smiles at hot yellow shirt guy, "thank you :)"
hot yellow shirt guy smiles back, said " welcome" or something i was too dazed at his eyes in mine to be concentrating.

and then as i turned red and took the more sensible way towards pyramid, indian girl gestured them to "that way" and we parted. they were no where to be found after that because stoopid pyramid is so big. ohh wells, it was kind of sort of a good encounter. :)
hahas hot yellow shirt guy was like so scared to touch the grasshopper when he swiped it off. big macho guy scared of a little grasshopper? the nature-girl in me so wanted to catch the gigantum grasshopper and i would have, if there wasnt poeple waiting for me at the movies, and i didnt want to look stupid infront of them. think of the possibities if i did, or if they took the same path i did, ohh wells~

believe me, he. is. HOT, and i dont find many guys "hot", or else i wouldnt be blogging about it.
ohh and there is one hot girl i saw at orientation yesterday, we call her "hot flower girl" but that is ziggy's problem. *happy birthday ziggy!!! :D*

anyways, the moral of the story is have a grasshopper stuck at your back when you have a hot girl/guy aorund you so you have the chance to talk to them. and it has to be a gigamtum one or else they wouldndt notice it. :)

ohhh, and we have alot of different kind of people in buses, aren't we diverse?

i wanna see hot yellow shirt guy agains. XD

shit i sound too much like a girly-girl today. i give myself exception because he was exceptionaly hot.

till then,
hugs and kisses :)

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