Thursday, July 17, 2008

rants of a college student

im think i am developing muscles in my arms.
believe me i am!

carrying a 3kg textbook in hand, and a 1 kg bag over ur shoulders and walking up, down, up and around college and pyramid, and from college to pyramid is a great workout regime! i mean not only does it builds up ur stamina and leg muscles, the 3 kg textbook and waterbottle helps tone your biceps!

at this rate, my biceps and triceps will be the envy of others! *evil laughs*

i dont know about you but when i was in high school one of the things i used crave about college is termination of messy textbooks and heavy bags. but you know what? my school bag now, is heavier then ever! and im only carrying ONE textbook! ONE! stupid world issues book, do you know that you are damn heavy?

well at least now i dont have to carry that 1kg calculator anymore. lol
and thank god its only one textbook.
me no like walking home from the bus stop everyday with stupid heavy bag.


i should really change into a better bag.

and until i do,
hugs and kisses people!

p/s : im saying this today beacuse i can actually feel my arms kinda aching -___-
cool i'll get awesome looking muscles!

i have been ranting a lot here. but what are blogs for eh? its my only ranting nirvana.

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