Sunday, July 20, 2008

im still mourning the lost of my camera

i am sitting here with the new camera my brother bought to replace the one he lost.
its of the same model, but you know, the colours and cover is different. so is the feeling.

i still prefer my old/new one, its black and shiny and he wears a handsome brown leather jacket, instead of the new silvery one. i have developed an emotional attachement to him, although i have only been with him for 2 weeks. it reminds me of my 18 th birthday, my parents gift and love~

now the new one only reminds me of anger and sadness. it reminds me my brother being careless and losing my birthday gift, it reminded me of the fucked up day i had today because of cameras.

i have 4, no, now 5 camera battery chargers at home, 5 camera cables. 1 i accidentally spolied (yet to be repaired), 2 stolen, 1 given to the taxi man, and now one new one. not even our of the box yet.

in time i shall learn to love the new comer.

till then,
hugs n kisses to all my late cameras

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