Saturday, July 26, 2008

my dream came true!

no, i havent went to disney land yet, and mother earth is still sick, but hey,i got to sit the car car thingy at pyramid yesterday!!!

i was calling it the car car thingy until u.y. corrected me.. ohh so its called a buggy? either ways it still looks like a hoodless car.

you know the buggies they have at pyramid, to ferry people like old citizens and pregnant women or people who cant walk around pyramid? i have always, ALWAYS wanted to have a go at it, and i did it yesterday!! woohoo it was soo cool!

thank you andrew, kien wei and u.y. for "telling" the concierge that my leg is hurt and i cant walk properly so i had to sit the buggy,

and thank u to the big ass fugly scab and bruise on my leg,

and thank u to the concierge that although didnt really believed us and was relunctant but had to allow us to do so.. hey, the customer is always right yea!?

ohh, and thanks to my good acting skill also -.- lol

to the passer bys who looked at us with question marks and wanted to sit too.... HAHA! :P

don believe ar?
i have pictures :)

wheeee i got to sit the buggy!!
how cool is that?


Aryan Goharzad said...

haha ! good for you ! :D
everytime I go to pyramid i just look at those cars and I wish i could get in just once ! :D

happyPig~ said...

haha yeai used to do that too now i can say i SAT those things :D

hello aryan, welcome to my blog :D