Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i can breath again!

Scholarship offer letter. received.
i can go pay my fees now! thank u nanyang and mr Boucher you rock!
prom night performance. done.
we did pretty good, besides the fact i now have a disgusting wound on ma knee~
student council election campaign. done.
tough competitions but fun though !
CIMP assembly dance club performance. done.
its was ok, considered we managed everything in a week. and hey, we looked great!
Vote for me speech. done and delivered.
it was a short and hopefully sweet speech i gave, hopefully i did well :D

woohooo~ finally everything is done! for now.
it has really been a mentally and physically tireing few weeks,
but i enjoyed every single day!
that is enough of adrenalin rush for now.
very penat,
i feel very much lighter now, relieved! *yays!*
here comes the ironic part : i feel so hyper that all of this is over but no energy to hyper -__-

next up, car wash!!

ohh, and the mini mountain load of assignments. *pffft* >: (

come see pwetty pictures!!
scroll down

Saturday Night

saturdays night prom + performance !
hot looking dress courtesy of smita! *muacks to smi!!*

Monday & Tuesday

my campaign posters!

not only do we have flyers and posters, we have t-shirts!!

and stickers!


and my dance club cowboy dance performance, somehow this time i wasnt as much of a perfectionist then i used to, in fact, i wasnt much of a perfectionist at all.. maybe its because i have tooo many things in my head? or maybe its because they're all so dedicated to this!
THANK YOU my coyboy people! *muacksss*

*me giving speeech pic to be uploaded*
i told 700 people to vote for me coz im all that and a bag of chips! -.-

and after the whole camera issue i've made peace with my camera!
have been toying around with it this week!
its so cool look what he can do!!

my nikon makes pendrive looks yummy, how cool is that?

by the end of this all, i was so hyper+relieved+glad+happy,
i wanted to eat the black purple bear.

bear yummy!!! :P

ok, i have to actually go prepare my presentation for tomorrow now.
and the research for friday.


p/s: till i announce good news stay tuned okies!

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