Sunday, July 13, 2008

side B

its here! its here!!

my glasses its here! i shall call him Mr. Blu!

Dad is shaking his head because Me.Blu is rimless, very thin and really fragile and im a COW and i will break Mr.Blu in 2 days. I told Dad its unbreakable lens or something like that but Dad says unbreakable lens does not work for cows like me. :( Dad is mean.

for those of you that have forgotten how i look like or want to see me in glasses, scroll down! :D



so.. what say you?

ohh and im excited to have Mr. Blu because i can do this :

and this :

look im a pufffish!!

Who says i cant have fun with glasses? lols XD
imma gonna have fun with Mr.Blu :)

*yeay no more headaches no more squinting no more blurry words!*

till you see me with glasses,
hugs and kisses! <3

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