Tuesday, February 24, 2009

just cause i can shove it in ur face

i got new ipod shuffle.
worth 50 USD.

silver colour

new and shiny
new, shiny and tiny

came in a clear crystal shiny plastic/glass box

so pretty

ohh and i got it free

just because i opened a new bank account.

i decided not to put up a picture because i dowan you to be too jealous.

be jealous,
but not too jealous of my new free silver ipod shuffle ok.

im feeding my silver with songs now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

im that bored

i have the day off, finally.
i have all this free time and i dont know what to do with it
i cant snowboard today coz its snowing like theres no tomorrow the colds a bitch and my knees just healed.

so i shall tell u a story,
titled :
I Can't Cook.

T'was a cold night
with winter being a bitch and giving everyone the cold
and this one person who was sick decided to come to work and pass on the bug
making everone sick
and making my brother feel like crap.........................

"Chicken Soup!" i said,
for it's not only for the soul,
it also cures cold.
thus i googled and searched through the jungle of websites
till i found the Golden recipe for Chicken Soup inside.
dice and slice the recipe proclaim,
it made chicken soup look like a simple game,
carrots and onion,
you wont get a bunion,
add chicken and garlic,
so yummy you'll lick,
but remember before and after,
to add some butter and water.
Butter and water,
water and butter,
not a good combination i realized after,
white smoke erupted,
turning into grey
and then the smoke alarm decided to play.
"Beep Beep! Beep Beep!" the smoke was detected,
"Quick open the door!" my brother shouted.
with books in hand we flapped our wings,
hoping the smoke alarm will stop to sing.
In time the alarm calm down,
and we stopped our frown,
until we heard the fire truck,
and our smile turned upside down.
"300 dollar fine" my brother gasped,
Oh Shit Oh Crap,
i cant have that!
We sat in silence our hearts beating fast,
hoping hunky firemen wont come and ask.
I continued to cook,
he did his youtube,
relieved that the firemen decided not to look.
T'was the night it was,
i burnt the food,
but in the end my chicken soup tasted yummy,
and good.

oh and i decapitated a whole chicken
it pee-ed blood on me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

singlehood, celebrate freedom

Happy Valentines' Day!!!

love peace and kisses to all!

wait..... why are we celebrating the day when a guy kills himself and a massacre happens again?

this dont make sense.


me: Happy Valentines day jamie!!

jamie: pfffffffffftttt... more like Happy Singles' Awareness day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

im at work yo

Hola guys!

its me here reporting to you straight from work!
one of the perks of being a hostess - online, faceboko, blogspot while you work!
on a touch screen computer! *jakuns*
where's the mouse? there is no mouse coz its a touchscreen computer!
*jakun sendiri*

so basically what a hostess do is......
show the customer to their seat
answer the phones
take to go orders
and im at the entrance of the restaurant so any random requests and questions...
etc etc etc0

lots more responsibility compared to busing tables,
but lets hope my next paycheck is mroe than 166.00. T.T

now i know why they have Ice-Cream paydays here.
they know you'll be depressed looking at your sad paycheck they give you free ice-cream with sprinkles to cheer yourself up.

smart eh?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

no more pissed

no more busing tables

no more clearing baby dirt and dirty plates

less crap to do

bigger paycheck

nicer uniform

more talking

i've been "promoted" to a hostess!
wahahahhha no more clearing and setting tables yo!

happy :D

lets do the No More Busing Tables because I Hate It dance!

talking to your boss works!
it was so cold today my lips turned blue. no joke. i hates the colds TOOOO COOLLLDDDDDD!!!
i fell so hard on my head bum legs stomach todaysnowboarding it was so painful its not funny.
my kness, lendons and ligaments are all messed up. im worried. no joke. i dowan arthritis.

might be heading over to a free concert tonight - Rebirth Brass Band. Whoever they are.

anyways, nap time!

Sunday, February 8, 2009




i hate busing tables.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

when in vail, snowboard!

im Malaysia, i climb UP mountains.
in US, i ride DOWN mountains.

had such an AMAZINGLY AWESOME time on the mountain snowboarding today!!!

wasnt much of a powder day (where the land is full of soft fluffy powdery snow!) but still i felt great!

getting used to the speed and i fell, but this time i did not fall 17,000 times i did not twist my arm did not tumble roll on the ground did not hurt my butt as bad did not bang my head did not somersault did not hit anyone or anything did not come home feeling like a beaten up punching bag.

yes, snowboarding is painful. very painful.

i cant wait till im good enough to do jumps and fly and hurt myself on the rails and half pipe! YEAY!

with my bro

snow boarder :P

making snow angels!

first official snowboard lesson!

martin is our instructor! the one in blue. from slovekia he is.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

throat silting gore

if u havent watch it, GO WATCH IT NOW!
if you watch it already, GO WATCH IT AGAIN!
if you dont want to, screw you you have NO IDEA what you're missing.

SWEENY TODD, the demon barber of fleet street

JOHNNY DEEP did a PHENOMENAL PERFORMANCE! and great job with the singing too! definately better then the pirates trilogy, way, waaaaaaaaayyyyy better.

i was curled up at the end of my seat watching the movie, didnt even bother to drink my Smirnoff. it was really a good show, TIM BURTON is a GENIUS!

ahh yes, a very Tim Burton movie. just like the nightmare before christmas, corpse bride, igor and his other masterpieces, u can see the TIm Burton gore trademark on it. mindfuckingly AWESOME!

scary, yet witty, and funny... i wouldnt say its a horror film because Mr.Burton managed to make the most horrifying idea funny, laughable!


p/s: Jagermeither (Yagermeister) is not half bad :)