Tuesday, February 3, 2009

when in vail, snowboard!

im Malaysia, i climb UP mountains.
in US, i ride DOWN mountains.

had such an AMAZINGLY AWESOME time on the mountain snowboarding today!!!

wasnt much of a powder day (where the land is full of soft fluffy powdery snow!) but still i felt great!

getting used to the speed and i fell, but this time i did not fall 17,000 times i did not twist my arm did not tumble roll on the ground did not hurt my butt as bad did not bang my head did not somersault did not hit anyone or anything did not come home feeling like a beaten up punching bag.

yes, snowboarding is painful. very painful.

i cant wait till im good enough to do jumps and fly and hurt myself on the rails and half pipe! YEAY!

with my bro

snow boarder :P

making snow angels!

first official snowboard lesson!

martin is our instructor! the one in blue. from slovekia he is.


Dharma! said...

all the girls are so covered up with cloths that i cant check them out hahahaha;) i like the line,in malaysia i climb mountains,in us i go down mountains haha

happyPig~ said...

super cold how to sexy sexy?

Dharma! said...

hey if u'll sexy during winter,guys wud tink its hot! that means u'll are so hot u'll can bear winter with skimpy cloths hahhahaa(i kn its lame;)

happyPig~ said...

and freeze my glutinous maxi mus off. literally