Thursday, February 12, 2009

no more pissed

no more busing tables

no more clearing baby dirt and dirty plates

less crap to do

bigger paycheck

nicer uniform

more talking

i've been "promoted" to a hostess!
wahahahhha no more clearing and setting tables yo!

happy :D

lets do the No More Busing Tables because I Hate It dance!

talking to your boss works!
it was so cold today my lips turned blue. no joke. i hates the colds TOOOO COOLLLDDDDDD!!!
i fell so hard on my head bum legs stomach todaysnowboarding it was so painful its not funny.
my kness, lendons and ligaments are all messed up. im worried. no joke. i dowan arthritis.

might be heading over to a free concert tonight - Rebirth Brass Band. Whoever they are.

anyways, nap time!

1 comment:

naVid said...

congrats . . . haha . . . why not doing something which can make u enough money . . . no boss no fuss . . . u'd better start a business for ur own . . .