Tuesday, February 24, 2009

just cause i can shove it in ur face

i got new ipod shuffle.
worth 50 USD.

silver colour

new and shiny
new, shiny and tiny

came in a clear crystal shiny plastic/glass box

so pretty

ohh and i got it free

just because i opened a new bank account.

i decided not to put up a picture because i dowan you to be too jealous.

be jealous,
but not too jealous of my new free silver ipod shuffle ok.

im feeding my silver with songs now.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry,no one will be jealous.Most people got ipods these days,30g,80g,touch,phone.U name,half the ppl in sunway got it...

happyPig~ said...

the point being i didnt have to pay for it

i know i sound obnoxious and ignorant and yes i knwo alot of ppl have better ipods than mine but still, its my first ipod thingy and its free so yeah :)

DHARMA! said...

Yeah u did sound obnoxious lolz,thats why i hentam hahaha.But congrats for your free ipod! i havent heard from u in awhile,memories of Malaysia faded away yet?;)

DHARMA! said...

oh yeah and that guy u msged u sum weird comments on your other post wasnt me,i dunno who is that