Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i jumped out of a plane, and survived.

on the 24th day of the 4 month of 2009,
i left the hemisphere,
i freefall from 20,000 feet in the air, (thats 6.1 meters of verticle height)
and i buttslided down to earth.

you may hate me,
coz i freakin SKYDIVED!

i did not expect that i would be jumping out of a plane so soon, but i did it, and it was legendary !

it was a beautiful friday morning. it hasn't snowed in a while, with blue skies, sunbeams and all - perfect day to be jumping out of an airplane. We, as in my brother,the mastermind; Shamil who was celebrating his first day of being 29; and me, the tiny crushable girl picked up breakfast from McD drive thru and head on for a 2 hour drive to Boulder, the skydiving destination.

the skydiving place was this humongously HUGE field. with little warehouse-looking small builidings between fields. in the air, airplanes, not those commercial planes we know so well but rather gliders, grace the air. The whole plot wasnt owned by the skydiving company, they only took up one building, and one plane.

" i understand that i might die from skydiving." yes.
"i am giving up all my legal rights to skydive" sure. why not?
"i won't sue the company of the parachute fails and i die." ok.

the first thing that we do when we met the friendly sky-diving people was to sign our death warrants. Suuuureeeee, why not? its not like we get to jump out of a plane everyday.

Shamil was the first to risk it. what a way to celebrate your first day of being 29 eh?
we saw him evolve from nothingness into a great big bird in the sky as he gli
des back down to earth.

and then it was our turn.

and for some movie magic to create emphasis.
imagine this.
*the screen fades to black, and fades in again*
my heart beats as i put on my harness.

*fades out, fades in*
my guts squirm with delight as i jumped onto the tiny plane.

*fades out, fades in*
my atrium and ventricular both skipped a beat as we compete with the mountains- we flew higher, and we won.

*fades out, fades in*

and now we were nothing but a tiny insignificant speck of dot in the sky.

*fades out, fades in*

me, and the skydiving insturctor im strapped to sit at the ledge od the door. legs dangling in the air. clouds seeping through our hair.

I see my brother being pushed, yes, pushed out of the plane.

"you ready?"

before i could even process the question,

a flurry of nothingness invades me,

and there i was from the height of 6km in the air,

i was speeding like a bullet down to earth,

like nature's call, the plane pooped,

the barely visible dot in the sky became 2, and then 3.

and the dots grew, like a wet sponge.

is it a bird? is it a plane? no!

its just Mei and her bro falling with style!

its hard to think or catch hold of anything when you are literally falling from 20,000 in the air.

no ohmygods, no imgoingtodie, nothisisawesome, yet.

All i could felt was the rush of wind in my face, my hair, my mouth,

All i could think of is open eyes, open mouth, breath.

and then, and then,

a magical *poohfe*!

the cord is pulled, the parachutes blooms like a summer's rose!

and all is calm again.

this is when you register the past 15 seconds of freefalling, and then u realize that that was FREAKING AMAZING, LEGENDARY, and OUT OF THIS WORLD!

this is when ur heart starts beating again,

and you inhale the bird's eye view of the world..

"ohh i can see Malaysia from here!"

"can you really?"


the sky diving guy wasnt all that smart,

but, he made this once in a lifetime experience breathtaking.. literally.

okay its not really once in a lifetime, im definately do it again. get my own skydiving license maybe? 25 jumps and you're qualified. thats not too bad.

but for now,
still feeling woozy from the fall,
i'm crossing skydiving from my 100thingstodobeforeidie list.

8. skydiving

Sunday, April 26, 2009

party on the mountain babe!

April 19th, the end of an awesome ski season.

what do we do on the last day of ski season??
on the last day that people put on face masks and lugg their heavy boards?
on the last day that the chairlifts transport us to the pointy tip of the mountain?
on the last day that people show off their google-tanned face?
on the last day that anyone can admire the gorgeous mountainous view?

we party.

like any other reason in Vail,

we drink.
notice the beer cans

we jump off cliffs,

and if you're drunk enough,
get a free mullet haircut from equally-drunk strangers!

ohh and people dress up in the most entertainingly ridiculous costumes!

top pick!

i just came as a confused, lost Asian.

with no eyes.

surrounded by americans.possibly the coolest party i've been to.

Come on out ELKS! the mountain's all yours!
thank u mother nature! OHH AND I SAW 2 LAMBS ON THE WAY TO WORK TODAY!!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

so this is where i work?

my boss is a tool.

the girl i work with acts like a tool.

but it seems sooooooooooooooohhhhhhhoooooohhhhhh long.

oh dont get my wrong, i love everyone else i work with.
especially my supervisor, she's an angel!

9 days !

Saturday, April 18, 2009

comic relief

i went into to the desert to forget about you.
but the sand was the colour of your hair.
The desert sky was the colour of your eyes.
There was nowhere i could go that wouldn't be you.

--Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides

im sorry but i think this line is incredibly corny! i was getting into this emo, dark thunderous mood when suddenly this line pops up,

and i laughed my ass off.

still a very good book though.
Jeffrey Eugenides is awesome.

Friday, April 17, 2009

yes im still talking abt it.

so i heard that CIMP's bi-annual talent night just ended
i heard it was great and awesome and happening.
i heard it was so much fun.
and my heart is aching now coz i missed it.
i missed Zaleha's singing with wayne (which is still a very weird concept to me),
i missed Dance Club's classy performance (good job Nic!),
i missed the dizzy lights and my heart beating along with the music,
i missed shouting and cheering on that guy on stage until my throat feels raspy,
most of all i missed last year's october 08 talent night.

it was one helluva night,
heck it was one helluva couple of weeks, (for me at least).

i was juggling 3 performances at the same time,
not to mention CIMP's ever compiling assignments and student council's commitment. talent night tickets anyone?

Act 1.
Dance Club tastefully slutty, erotic, sexy, Gimme More dance.
why was is tastefully slutty eroctic and sexy?
for years Dance Club has been doing hip hop and only hip hop, and i wanted a change. Dance Club should not be related to the hip hop moves and breakdances that we couldnt master only, because i believed that we were DANCE club, not hip-hop club, so we shall master the different dance genre as well. but due to time constraints, dance instructors conflicts, and other problems that no one else knew but me and Ms Tricia, we settled for this dance.

im a perfectionist when it comes to on-stage dances. i have had a history of becoming the evil taskmaster forcing my dancers to repeat again and again until they are perfect, or they hate me whichever comes first. but this time i didnt push them as hard as i always do. maybe because they were eager and practiced hard, maybe because they were forgiving for my absenses, and maybe because they were very accomodating...

in the end it turned out well.. i had soo much fun and we had a very good show! we nailed it girls, and nic ! thank you,i couldnt ask for more

click here to watch the dance and be awed!

Act 2.
Student council's sound of music, cuckoo, good night sleep tight, guy's in lingerie lip-syncing musical.

it makes me laugh so hard!

ohh we had so much fun! it was smooth sailing all the way. (I love student council!)

we hit a few bumps in the beginning because we were argueing about what to perform but once we realized we only had 2 weeks, and it gotta be short and sweet and accomodating to all our different lack of talents(i cant sing, he cant dance, she cant act), we agreed on a shirt skit chum musical.

when i was choreographing and arranging everythign i was worried about alot of stupid stuff that n0w i realized didnt matter. because everyone, every single one pitched in better and fun ideas and we changed this and that along the way,making it into the success it became. i love the fact that every single one on the team, even zubair and ali was so accommodating.. i love the fact that we had so much fun laughing more helping each other during rehearsals. i love the fact that everyone listened to each other and accepted each other ideas. i love the fact that its EVERYONE"S performance and idea and choreography and not just one person. i love the fact that i love student council. and most of all i love the fact that we had so much fun not only during rehearsal, not only during on stage, but before and after stage jitters and fun as well.

we rocked in pajamas guys!

click here to laugh at our amazing cuteness!

Act 3.
my intense, scary staring, first time solo.

honestly i was most worried about my solo but i spent the least time on it.
it was my first time dancing alone,
i had no one to help me during rehearsals for input,
i was worried that my choregraphy sucks,
i had no costume and proper shoes to wear (i didnt wanna slip and look like an idiot),
i didnt have time to practice coz i was tired and busy with all the other rehearsals,
it almost got cancelled.

so i practiced when i could- in the middle of night in my living room,
at 6pm when everyone left and im the only one in college strutting my stuff.
it was kinda lonely but the ont good thing about solo's is u dont have to worry about synchronizing with anyone else.

i was FREAKINGLY NERVOUS. but dance club friends encouraged me and helped me out alot, they gave me courage. and when i was on stage twisting and turning and rolling around, my friends down stage gave me courage. it felt amazing. i felt amazing at the end of my solo.
i scared a few people with my evil intense scary stare and that was amazing! ahahahhahaha

ohh it was sooo much fun! i loved it!

i guess till now the exhilaration of that night that happened half a year ago still stirs up a storm in the bottom of my tummy. i feel giddy, happy giddy.i feel the comforting shine of the rainbow that rains on me when i think about how everyone helped each other and how we had so much fun together. i feel the comforting happiness thats it being loved when i remember how all my friends, lecturers and family encouraged me and backed me up every single way.. making it a great night, and even greater memories.

thank u all from dance club to SC to my and dy to my mum and that girl that loaned me her pants.

the panicking and worrying and killing myself inside all paid off.

i love.

Friday, April 10, 2009

38 days

just talked to my dad.
i havent heard his voice in so long...

i miss home.
and my dad.
i want to hug my mum.

stupid eva i envy you can go home for 11 days.


100,000. the number of things and ppl that i love and miss.

. the number if people and things that love and miss me.

. the number of meters of the Vail mountain.

. the number of cm of snow Vail has received since November. and it keeps coming.

. the number of my apartment.

. the number of dollars i spend a month on average. excluding rent, all groceries.

. the number of days i will be in the US.

114. the number of pounds (lbs) that i currently weigh. go figure.

. the number of days i have been in the US. 29dec08 - 9april09

. the number of hours i work every week. on average.

38. the number of days till touchdown. hello malaysia. 18may09 babe!

30. will be the minimum number of times i went boarding. (hopefully)

. the number of hours away from home.

20. the number of dollars to buy a pair of Levi jeans. that's RM60. somemore sold in Walmart and considered as cheap stuff. Levi is overrated in M'sia.

21. the number of years to be legal.

18. and a half. the number of years in my life.

16. the number of days i will be travelling.

15+. the number of days till i dont have to work no more.

10. the number of dollars they pay me for every hour that i work.
10. the number of days till the mountain closes and no more boarding.

9. the number of universities in Hong Kong.

8. the number of government funded univesities in Hong Kong. which apparently is more valued than the one private uni.

6. the number of months of winter here. damn summer come already!

5. the number of books i have read since coming here.
breakfast at tiffany's, Truman Capote- classic, nostalgic.
the rainmaker, John Grisham- interesting.
chocolate snowman murders- sucks. good if you're 15 and under.
the virgin suicides, Jeffrey Eugenides-intoxicating, highly recommended.
middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides-still working on it.

5. the number of kg's that i have gained.

3. the number of bank accounts that i have.

4. the number of roommates that i have.
4. the number of lotions that i have. winter is very drying.

2. the number of Malaysians that i have met here. other than my bro.

1. the number of times i eat bakkuteth since january. damn sad. :(

0. the number of times i have bought alcohol. im underage. lol.

to be continued///