Sunday, April 26, 2009

party on the mountain babe!

April 19th, the end of an awesome ski season.

what do we do on the last day of ski season??
on the last day that people put on face masks and lugg their heavy boards?
on the last day that the chairlifts transport us to the pointy tip of the mountain?
on the last day that people show off their google-tanned face?
on the last day that anyone can admire the gorgeous mountainous view?

we party.

like any other reason in Vail,

we drink.
notice the beer cans

we jump off cliffs,

and if you're drunk enough,
get a free mullet haircut from equally-drunk strangers!

ohh and people dress up in the most entertainingly ridiculous costumes!

top pick!

i just came as a confused, lost Asian.

with no eyes.

surrounded by americans.possibly the coolest party i've been to.

Come on out ELKS! the mountain's all yours!
thank u mother nature! OHH AND I SAW 2 LAMBS ON THE WAY TO WORK TODAY!!!!!!

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naVid said...

Happy Happy day. good for you.