Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i jumped out of a plane, and survived.

on the 24th day of the 4 month of 2009,
i left the hemisphere,
i freefall from 20,000 feet in the air, (thats 6.1 meters of verticle height)
and i buttslided down to earth.

you may hate me,
coz i freakin SKYDIVED!

i did not expect that i would be jumping out of a plane so soon, but i did it, and it was legendary !

it was a beautiful friday morning. it hasn't snowed in a while, with blue skies, sunbeams and all - perfect day to be jumping out of an airplane. We, as in my brother,the mastermind; Shamil who was celebrating his first day of being 29; and me, the tiny crushable girl picked up breakfast from McD drive thru and head on for a 2 hour drive to Boulder, the skydiving destination.

the skydiving place was this humongously HUGE field. with little warehouse-looking small builidings between fields. in the air, airplanes, not those commercial planes we know so well but rather gliders, grace the air. The whole plot wasnt owned by the skydiving company, they only took up one building, and one plane.

" i understand that i might die from skydiving." yes.
"i am giving up all my legal rights to skydive" sure. why not?
"i won't sue the company of the parachute fails and i die." ok.

the first thing that we do when we met the friendly sky-diving people was to sign our death warrants. Suuuureeeee, why not? its not like we get to jump out of a plane everyday.

Shamil was the first to risk it. what a way to celebrate your first day of being 29 eh?
we saw him evolve from nothingness into a great big bird in the sky as he gli
des back down to earth.

and then it was our turn.

and for some movie magic to create emphasis.
imagine this.
*the screen fades to black, and fades in again*
my heart beats as i put on my harness.

*fades out, fades in*
my guts squirm with delight as i jumped onto the tiny plane.

*fades out, fades in*
my atrium and ventricular both skipped a beat as we compete with the mountains- we flew higher, and we won.

*fades out, fades in*

and now we were nothing but a tiny insignificant speck of dot in the sky.

*fades out, fades in*

me, and the skydiving insturctor im strapped to sit at the ledge od the door. legs dangling in the air. clouds seeping through our hair.

I see my brother being pushed, yes, pushed out of the plane.

"you ready?"

before i could even process the question,

a flurry of nothingness invades me,

and there i was from the height of 6km in the air,

i was speeding like a bullet down to earth,

like nature's call, the plane pooped,

the barely visible dot in the sky became 2, and then 3.

and the dots grew, like a wet sponge.

is it a bird? is it a plane? no!

its just Mei and her bro falling with style!

its hard to think or catch hold of anything when you are literally falling from 20,000 in the air.

no ohmygods, no imgoingtodie, nothisisawesome, yet.

All i could felt was the rush of wind in my face, my hair, my mouth,

All i could think of is open eyes, open mouth, breath.

and then, and then,

a magical *poohfe*!

the cord is pulled, the parachutes blooms like a summer's rose!

and all is calm again.

this is when you register the past 15 seconds of freefalling, and then u realize that that was FREAKING AMAZING, LEGENDARY, and OUT OF THIS WORLD!

this is when ur heart starts beating again,

and you inhale the bird's eye view of the world..

"ohh i can see Malaysia from here!"

"can you really?"


the sky diving guy wasnt all that smart,

but, he made this once in a lifetime experience breathtaking.. literally.

okay its not really once in a lifetime, im definately do it again. get my own skydiving license maybe? 25 jumps and you're qualified. thats not too bad.

but for now,
still feeling woozy from the fall,
i'm crossing skydiving from my 100thingstodobeforeidie list.

8. skydiving

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