Friday, April 17, 2009

yes im still talking abt it.

so i heard that CIMP's bi-annual talent night just ended
i heard it was great and awesome and happening.
i heard it was so much fun.
and my heart is aching now coz i missed it.
i missed Zaleha's singing with wayne (which is still a very weird concept to me),
i missed Dance Club's classy performance (good job Nic!),
i missed the dizzy lights and my heart beating along with the music,
i missed shouting and cheering on that guy on stage until my throat feels raspy,
most of all i missed last year's october 08 talent night.

it was one helluva night,
heck it was one helluva couple of weeks, (for me at least).

i was juggling 3 performances at the same time,
not to mention CIMP's ever compiling assignments and student council's commitment. talent night tickets anyone?

Act 1.
Dance Club tastefully slutty, erotic, sexy, Gimme More dance.
why was is tastefully slutty eroctic and sexy?
for years Dance Club has been doing hip hop and only hip hop, and i wanted a change. Dance Club should not be related to the hip hop moves and breakdances that we couldnt master only, because i believed that we were DANCE club, not hip-hop club, so we shall master the different dance genre as well. but due to time constraints, dance instructors conflicts, and other problems that no one else knew but me and Ms Tricia, we settled for this dance.

im a perfectionist when it comes to on-stage dances. i have had a history of becoming the evil taskmaster forcing my dancers to repeat again and again until they are perfect, or they hate me whichever comes first. but this time i didnt push them as hard as i always do. maybe because they were eager and practiced hard, maybe because they were forgiving for my absenses, and maybe because they were very accomodating...

in the end it turned out well.. i had soo much fun and we had a very good show! we nailed it girls, and nic ! thank you,i couldnt ask for more

click here to watch the dance and be awed!

Act 2.
Student council's sound of music, cuckoo, good night sleep tight, guy's in lingerie lip-syncing musical.

it makes me laugh so hard!

ohh we had so much fun! it was smooth sailing all the way. (I love student council!)

we hit a few bumps in the beginning because we were argueing about what to perform but once we realized we only had 2 weeks, and it gotta be short and sweet and accomodating to all our different lack of talents(i cant sing, he cant dance, she cant act), we agreed on a shirt skit chum musical.

when i was choreographing and arranging everythign i was worried about alot of stupid stuff that n0w i realized didnt matter. because everyone, every single one pitched in better and fun ideas and we changed this and that along the way,making it into the success it became. i love the fact that every single one on the team, even zubair and ali was so accommodating.. i love the fact that we had so much fun laughing more helping each other during rehearsals. i love the fact that everyone listened to each other and accepted each other ideas. i love the fact that its EVERYONE"S performance and idea and choreography and not just one person. i love the fact that i love student council. and most of all i love the fact that we had so much fun not only during rehearsal, not only during on stage, but before and after stage jitters and fun as well.

we rocked in pajamas guys!

click here to laugh at our amazing cuteness!

Act 3.
my intense, scary staring, first time solo.

honestly i was most worried about my solo but i spent the least time on it.
it was my first time dancing alone,
i had no one to help me during rehearsals for input,
i was worried that my choregraphy sucks,
i had no costume and proper shoes to wear (i didnt wanna slip and look like an idiot),
i didnt have time to practice coz i was tired and busy with all the other rehearsals,
it almost got cancelled.

so i practiced when i could- in the middle of night in my living room,
at 6pm when everyone left and im the only one in college strutting my stuff.
it was kinda lonely but the ont good thing about solo's is u dont have to worry about synchronizing with anyone else.

i was FREAKINGLY NERVOUS. but dance club friends encouraged me and helped me out alot, they gave me courage. and when i was on stage twisting and turning and rolling around, my friends down stage gave me courage. it felt amazing. i felt amazing at the end of my solo.
i scared a few people with my evil intense scary stare and that was amazing! ahahahhahaha

ohh it was sooo much fun! i loved it!

i guess till now the exhilaration of that night that happened half a year ago still stirs up a storm in the bottom of my tummy. i feel giddy, happy giddy.i feel the comforting shine of the rainbow that rains on me when i think about how everyone helped each other and how we had so much fun together. i feel the comforting happiness thats it being loved when i remember how all my friends, lecturers and family encouraged me and backed me up every single way.. making it a great night, and even greater memories.

thank u all from dance club to SC to my and dy to my mum and that girl that loaned me her pants.

the panicking and worrying and killing myself inside all paid off.

i love.


Dharma said...

i remember ur solo dance, it was awesome, shud have been longer abit though. You were on fire...serious

happyPig~ said...

i remember that was the day i met you. and that was waht we talked about the first time we met again at euphoria on the night after halloween party. :)

imn. said...

mei my darling,

you made our performance rock :) with your constant '1,2,3,1,2,3, AGAIN!'. but it was awesome.

last night was not the same without your 'garang-mei' dance.

missing you!

happyPig~ said...

i didnt made it rock iman.

we all did.

Dharma said...

good answer, haha i remember i told u i thought it was artistic,self expressionate dance. It really wuz, and u looked hot hahaha

happyPig~ said...

dont i alawys?