Friday, April 10, 2009


100,000. the number of things and ppl that i love and miss.

. the number if people and things that love and miss me.

. the number of meters of the Vail mountain.

. the number of cm of snow Vail has received since November. and it keeps coming.

. the number of my apartment.

. the number of dollars i spend a month on average. excluding rent, all groceries.

. the number of days i will be in the US.

114. the number of pounds (lbs) that i currently weigh. go figure.

. the number of days i have been in the US. 29dec08 - 9april09

. the number of hours i work every week. on average.

38. the number of days till touchdown. hello malaysia. 18may09 babe!

30. will be the minimum number of times i went boarding. (hopefully)

. the number of hours away from home.

20. the number of dollars to buy a pair of Levi jeans. that's RM60. somemore sold in Walmart and considered as cheap stuff. Levi is overrated in M'sia.

21. the number of years to be legal.

18. and a half. the number of years in my life.

16. the number of days i will be travelling.

15+. the number of days till i dont have to work no more.

10. the number of dollars they pay me for every hour that i work.
10. the number of days till the mountain closes and no more boarding.

9. the number of universities in Hong Kong.

8. the number of government funded univesities in Hong Kong. which apparently is more valued than the one private uni.

6. the number of months of winter here. damn summer come already!

5. the number of books i have read since coming here.
breakfast at tiffany's, Truman Capote- classic, nostalgic.
the rainmaker, John Grisham- interesting.
chocolate snowman murders- sucks. good if you're 15 and under.
the virgin suicides, Jeffrey Eugenides-intoxicating, highly recommended.
middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides-still working on it.

5. the number of kg's that i have gained.

3. the number of bank accounts that i have.

4. the number of roommates that i have.
4. the number of lotions that i have. winter is very drying.

2. the number of Malaysians that i have met here. other than my bro.

1. the number of times i eat bakkuteth since january. damn sad. :(

0. the number of times i have bought alcohol. im underage. lol.

to be continued///


Anonymous said...

how r u?
plz answer my messages,
many people do not know that there is someone who is thinking about them or ....

mohammad ali said...

mohammad ali

happyPig~ said...


imn. said...

MEI! middlesex is awesome! :) you should definitely finish it soon darling. i couldn't put it down :) hope to see you soon.

happyPig~ said...

ohhh the begining is already sooo goood!

go read the virgin suicides iman, its the same author. and its SOOOOO GOOD!

naVid said...

haha... poor guy she/he is.