Saturday, December 27, 2008

i baked!

they look like digi yellow man ala fall from kl-tower-and-smash-flat-on-the-floor dead- corpse-man.
they dont taste that bad, its actually ok..

i made some icing too but i didnt bother to paint them on my little gingerific babies!

hmm.... ginger-cinammonny~

Sunday, December 14, 2008

joke of the century.

the joke of the century is me and 7 other people, drove 5 hours to Pasir Gudang, Johor for a performance only to be told that the event is on JANUARY 3rd, not 13th December.

damn tension. are you kidding me!? how can the management give the wrong date and time!? we woke up at 4.30 am and drove 5 hours, FIVE BLINKING HOURS TO JOHOR FOR NOTHING? in the end we makan noodles, and drove 5 more hours back to KL. what a waste of time. and the whole time i was coughing my lungs out.

ohh, and guess what? suprise suprise, im SICK again. fever, again. coughing, again. tension, again.
3rd time since my birthday. i dont know why my resistance suddenly so weak.... i used to NEVER EVER fall sick! now im falling sick every few months!!!

just my luck laaaaa....and now kong kong (grandpa) say i need to get a jab before i leave so i dont get sick...


no one told me TWILIGHT series was a freaking romance love story!

i bought New Moon and *i forgot the name* at a MPH warehouse sale hoping to read about blood bashes, blood sucking vampires and Armageddon but all i got was confused heart broken teenage girl's diary.

sappy love story. ugh. boring.

i want my HARRY POTTER!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pwetty in Pwom

a beautiful night!

i got dressed up,

i got flowers,

i emceed and interrogated prom kings and queens,

i performed i danced,

and, i took lots of pictures!! :D

my "boyfriend" and i... wedding picture much? lol

my angles and me!

"boyfriend" and me- wedding picture? HAHAHHA

i like this pic la.. all my best buds!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i hate forms. filling out forms is tiring, no its FRUSTRATING! especially if its online fillling and if you make a mistake you have to redo the whole blinking thing again! blinkingly frustrating i tell you!

my printer is a like a granny snail. its takes FOREVER to print. even my tortoises sardine and tuna has faster speed.

waitressing gave me a rash. like all over. my leg is spotty, my back itchy.

tomorrow is graduation and i HAVE a RASH! you shall see me scratching my back like an uncivilised baboon tommorrow!!

im not all that excited about graduation, what im more afraid of is seeing my results! ghhhaaarrrsss!!

i wish i didnt have to work, and can rest after 5 months of assignments and tests and studying. i wish i have nothing to do for a bit. well, at least the food's good during lunch break.

i shall upload prom pictures now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

after prom night!

im at dharma's house,
with lots and lots of frosties!!
but dont tell anyone else. :D
i put frosties in everyone's drink!
they love me for it!!! hahahahahah

smita, mini, dharma, daniel and sharwind and matthew says hi!

we're on the 22nd floor, and the view here is sooo nice!
there is lots of lights at the bottom,
like many many christmas baubles that shines like the stars!!!
nice :D

daddy and mummy is fighting, i hope their done and making up,
dharma sharma is out,
waiting for him to come back,
ge bullies me alot.
daniel and sharwind darwin is acting stupid,
well, they always do!
and smita, smita is being smita! LOL :D

ipoh this weekend man woohoo!! :D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

one month anniversary!

happy one month anniversary!
yes! it has been one month since i blogged!
gosh i do miss blogging!! but sorry la memang tak da semangat and blog these days...

so many things happened!!!

i shall update one months' worth of happenings here!

halloween done!
student council done!
went to see Rafflesia flower with family!!! damn nice wei!
finals done!
started working right after finals!
prom tomorrow!
graduation this friday!

doesnt seem much, but alot, ALOT has happened.

till my next post,
or when i don feel lazy anymore,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

stupid global warming

waht the hell is wrong with the wheather i feel like IM wilting.
college is already mentally draining enough the wheather is not helping.

shouldn't it be raining season already?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

if you like dancing...

go watch High School Musical 3!

not much of a great storyline,
songs are only so-so,
but freaking AWESOME helluva choreography!!

even of you dont like high school musical,
(im not much of a fan myself),
but go watch!
just for the dances!

damn nice wei!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

lost and found

hallelujah i found my voice!

she wasn't lost, she just needed a break from all that shouting..

oh voice oh voice, how i miss thee sweet sound,
you have been lost on a long journey,
and your husky raspy cousin came to town,
when you decided to return slowly,
the reluctance made you oh so sexy,
now you're back,
slightly sick from the sores,
but wanting more,
to tremble in sopranos and altos,
to talk and shout and play,
like never before..

oh thy sweet sound,
i missed you so!
we shall have all the fun,
shout all we want,
talk till we cant
like we did before!

Monday, October 20, 2008

of all the daysssssssss i had to be sick it had to be today

omg there are soooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many chocolates, and i mean GOOD chocolates even better then cadbury or choki choki in the fridge and i can't any of them. :(

all because im sick. again.
im coughing so much im gonna get awesome 6 packs. *hopes*
the dustbin is full of phlegme tissue balls the germs are throwing a fiesta party in there.

and i had to drink this god-awful chinese herbal black bowl of bitterrjuice that taste like bitterjuice!! errrgggguuuhhh yuck > <

and i missed MPO.
of all days la

remember a few posts back i said to wish i survive this week in one piece,
i guess i did, but nyawa-nyawa ikan. -______-
you la didnt wish. haih

back to isu. hmph
tomorrow i eat chocolate, dont tell my mum k!

Friday, October 17, 2008

one step closer

i cant believe it,
i got the job,
i actually got the job.

well actually my brother got the job for me but still,
i got the appointment letter!
now all i need is a visa, and US here i come!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

quote of the year

"Can you push your hair away? I wanna look at your boobies."

-Ali Rahimi Ferdonizehad

in another world..

will post about it soon,
but in a tiny littlenutshell,
it was great!! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008


courtesy of zaleha

if there were no restrictions in life,
no parents,
no harsh realities,
no money matters,
no restirctions whatsoever,

what would you do as a career?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

juggling acts-not for the weak hearted

tis has been an emotastic week,
with stress levels and breakdowns flying through the roof. i felt like an energizer bunny but nont a bunny, a piggy runing into a dump with the hundreds of stuff i was juggling and all the emolicious thoughts clouding my mind.

tis has been an emotastic week,
and today i found out why it has been such an emotional one. its the hormones people let me tell ya ITS THE HORMONES!!! stupid pms'es. and i thought I was going crazy. but no, its just that time of the month when girls' boobs feel swollen and they go on hormotional overdrive.
but i have a question.. am i feeling emo now because of my period, or am i getting my period now because im feeling emo?
zaleha, this explains alot ><

tis has been an emotastic week,
but nontheless an eventful one with new experiences and little unexpected surprises... and now its end of the week, while my "events" are far from over, i can sit back an enjoy the past 7 days, and all the concoction of mixed emotions that comes with it. :)

Pink Ribbon Week..

"Pink Rib - in conjuction with breasts"

thanks za for the awesome pink-ribbon-love!!

what i've learnt from the campaingn: even if u have non-existent breasts, it doesnt mean you won get breast cancer. AND THAT MEANS YOU TOO GUYS!!

and, always, do breast self examination!

CIMP T-shirt Design
is finally finalised... sorry guys it took so long but there were complications in the process.. but the shirt will be out soon!! i really really hope you guys will like it cause it wasnt easy finding the right one! i cant wait to see the final product hopes it comes out great!

student council met up again for another practice session and it was great!! *i wuv sc* its something you wont expect! come come come come talent night this wednesday k! Dance club has been practising hard for you too!! and i've been perfecting trying to perfect my solo routine too so please please come support me kay! not to be missed!
my first solo routine im damn nervous ok!

Chicky Fun Day!
i had a show for KFC carnival today~ it was cool, but during the third number the dj played the wrong music and well, we just had to wing it! so much for all the practices hmph ! OHh and i got to watch Alvin and the Chipmucks and The Apocalypst on the bus. DAMN NICE WEI!

thanks eva ;)

Captain Chicky and Me! aagagag

Chippy the fries. hahahahahahahaha

coming soon

urgh... the yucky reality of school :( even the sound of it makes my inside squirms. have to go get to it now. AND, thanks to my big kissable mouth i have to redo my isu. MY ISU!

wish me luck people,
pray that i surive next week in one piece :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

my smita

even though you have a hip hop boyfriend edi
doesnt me you can stop loving me ok

I CAME FIRST! *hmph*

and you are my smita and i am your mei and we will each other's together and forever no matter what he says! :D

but still,
and on what a great date it was : 10/10/08

if daniel bully you i round up the smita army and kill him!! OK! :D

have fun!

********e. guess what name. wahahahahahahaa!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

studnet council has talent too!

whats one thing all student council members (by this time) have in common?
we all have the same song stuck in our head!

i did not expect all of us to be so excited about the talent night performance, even the guys are being really sporting! its too bad though we dont have enough time to do the other numbers.. it would be fun though wouldn't it? oh well, you know what they say : short, and sweet.

ahh.. enthusiasm.
it always makes something seems so so much funner!
it makes you feel that the time you spent planning and choreographing and practices so much more worth it!

tis gonna be great! :)

CIMP, get ready for student council performance on talent night!
Oct 15.

till then,
so long farewell!

Monday, October 6, 2008


iman says i dont update enough.
so i shall.

and because i know you guys LOVEEEEEE my reptile post so much,
here are more cool animals i found at the reptile exhibition place!

enjoy :)

the animal that won the creepy award has got to be this red-knee tarantula!
the only thing that was freaky.
so furry, so big, so creepy. Good creepy :)

and the CUTEST award goes to these two!!
(OMG they are sooo cute!)
have u ever seen such a cute frog!?
the watery puppy dog eyes makes u forget about hte fact that its freakishly obese!

and this gecko!! i looooveeesss the spots and colour on him!!

okai people, to those of you who are still cringing, thats the end of my reptile post! happy?:(

Saturday, October 4, 2008

snap snap!

snapping turtles.
probably the only other reptile that fascinated me the most besides the snakes at the reptile exhibition.

whats cooler then snapping turtles?

i mean, who knew snapping turtles actually existed in real life!? i used to think snapping turtles only existed in superhero shows like Kim Possible where air headed super villians like senior senior or Dr Draken use snapping turtles as vicious man-eating animals at the bottom of the trap door to kill Kim Possible!!
imagine my glee when i saw a real life actual SNAPPING TURTLE that was HUMONGOUS!
*squels* > <

nyhahahaha OMG let me tell you the Alligator Snapping Turtle left me flabber gasted!

okai, so here's...
Mei's Top 10 Reasons Why Alligator Snapping Turtles are so damn fascinating! :

1. It stood there, for the longest time not moving an inch at all with its mouth wide WIDE open. it was motionless, like a statue. so much so we were wondering if it was dead. but its not. it just doesnt move. at all. probably until a fish or something swims into his mouth.

2. the thing doesnt have a mouth, it has a freaking BEAK!

3. the beak and jaw is so strong, it can severe a human hand! alligator snapping turtle CAN kill super heroes!

4. so the at the bottom of the mouth there was this piece of worm attached to the tongue squirming around. at first look we thought that the turtle was rotting or something (which made us wonder even further if it was dead) and then, AND THEN we noticed the squirmming worm, was actually a part of its tongue!! the alligator snapping turtle has a worm-shaped pieced of flesh that moves around and when displayed by a motionless turtle on a river bottom, draws curious fish or frogs close enough to be snatched. a very smart mechanism to lure potential dinner, no?
5. Carnivourous. eats anything that bleeds. even humans.
6. It looked like an alligator and a turtle mated and lay this amazing reptile.

7. adult snappers have no other predator except humans! which means no other animals dare to mess with this turtle. but, it also means that its kinda endangered. :(

8. normal turtles have shells. this turtle, has a freaking SPIKED ARMOUR!

9. it looked like a prehistoric dinosaur turtle thingy. something out of DINOSAURS.

10. how can something be dubbed "dinosaur of the turtle world" and not be awesome?

me : " lets get a pet snake!"
mom : " why can't you be like a normal teenager!?"

Friday, October 3, 2008

why you should ever argue with ur mom

or dad for that matter.

cause you can never win.
and there's no point winning.
there's no point defending yourself either.

sometimes you just have to be patient,
and swallow it all in.

i need sunrise.

my blog is COOL!!!

MY BLOG IS COOL!! *yeays*
thank to yen, i was awarded the Butterfly Award for Coolest Blog I Ever Know!!

gosh i cant remember the last time i won an award, i wanna thank my mum, dad, bros, lectureres, teahcers, blogspot, the internet, grandpa, grandma, readers, the butterfly award committee, fans.......................................................

And now i shall award 10 people myself, for having on of the best blogs in the whole universe ever!!

and the Butterfly Award goes to.........

School Daddy * cause mountains and elephants are cool! and for always striving the make a better post out of the existing one - yes, editing your posts again and again and again is cool!

Yen * not because you nominated me, but because your blog has its own attitude! and the ever evolving blogskins! coolness~

Eugene the JapDude * for irregular posts that are always so though provoking.. hmm... you provoke my thoughts!

SuYin * cause your "100 things to do before i die* list is so powderful, it encouraged me to make one myself! the best thing on your list is : to watch school mummy get married! :D

Kien Wei * for having the most randoms posts on the most random stuff that leave me in stiches! and because procrastination is cool!

Eva * for the cutest rants on teen angst, and because your lovey doveyness is just plain sweet

Jowee * never a bore to read :)

lynn li * for the cutest coolest blog template. and cause your Whiskey and rabbits are just so.damn.adorably.cute!

Meghdad * for having your own website, that you designed, that is so cool!

CIMP Trekking Club * cause this club is so awesomely freakingly cool!

For those who decide to accept this award, I would appreciate it if you could do the following:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

congrats to the top 10 blogger in my lists! :D

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

maximum overload

my brain can just explode, in fact i think it is going to, soon.

between ISUs and student council and my dances, my brain is already churnning enough.

its already october and i have no idea where i want to go to for uni... but its not much of a matter of where i want to go but where i can go.
which brings me to the next hovering problem i havent found a scholarship yet.
something my brother cant stop reminding me. like its not already eating me inside.

i hate processes. the process of finding a uni the process of applying for a scholarship the process of getting a visa to go to US... school work is already taking up most of my time i dotn even know what my future looks like and it doesnt help that my other brother is pushing me to apply for a US visa fast. and no we cant go through a middle man if we can help it because it costs too much. ohh the best part, getting a visa is not easy = lots of work, lots lots of work and research. dont get me wrong its not that i dont want to go and work and travel and see the world and meet my macho-macho-hebat brother and finally go to disneyland but........................

i hate being "independent"

but it will all pay off.
i hope.

slithery pets

i like snakes
snakes are fascinating

i'd like to have a pet snake,
nothing too venomous, nothing that can eat my 8-year old cousin,
something small, perhaps a tree snake!
it'd be cooler if its an albino tree snake, yellow, or even maybe pink and purple!!!!

i can put him in a glass aquarium,
feed him rats or lizards or cockroaches once a month,
and see him strangle and suck the life out of its prey before dislocating his jaw and devour them!
*so damn freaking cool!*

and i can see him shed his skin!!
and i can keep his first shedded skin and collect them all and frame them up and date them and arrange them according to timeline and you can see how much my snake has grown!!

and i can take him out and put him around my arm and wear him like a bracelet!
and... i can freak my friends out with my pet snake!

snakes are low maintenence,
so it would be easier to keep compared to a rabbit or hamster (they poop ALOT!)

i'd like a snake for a pet! :D


Monday, September 29, 2008

yeay im fatter! :D

thank god my metobolism is slowing down and im getting fatter!!!

so i just watched my dance videos from 2005, which is 3 years ago, which means i was 15! and ohh myyy goooddddddd i looked sooo different!

tall, thin, lanky, and akward. AND i had braces and the stupid cleopatra-ish fringe!!
yes i was geeky. and out of place.
now i understand why people said i looked like a dancing skeleton, cause i seriously looked like one!! no wonder they used to call me aneroxic!!

people always say i got fatter and look healtheir now, and i never understand coz other that that bluging pot belly i always thought i looked the same. now i know. yes, thank god im growing fatter now, i look so much normal-er!

god bless the fats!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

my blog is not dead yet!


how to dooooo laaaaa

not like i have any experience in anything!!!!

happy hari raya everyone!!

enjoy ur holidays!
that is if you dont have a trillion ISUs and World Issues text and IDC to do!
Mel can back me up on this!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

what not to do in CIMP


im one of those person that dont fall sick,
and here i am just recovered from 4 days of cold sweat and hot flushes.

falling sick is so not fun.
fever is so not fun.
medicine SO not fun.

so people...

take good care pls..

all the time spent sleeping and trying to recover is assignment time wasted.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

freedom of speech?

_Talk of The Day_

ǝuʎɐʍ ( needs her [Jimmy Kimmel, GTFO my TV.] still. Cruel jokes. 1984 says:

happypig ※ the warmth was my rescue says:
what up yo

ǝuʎɐʍ ( needs her [Jimmy Kimmel, GTFO my TV.] still. Cruel jokes. 1984 says:

happypig ※ the warmth was my rescue says:

happypig ※ the warmth was my rescue says:
doesnt make sense right

ǝuʎɐʍ ( needs her [Jimmy Kimmel, GTFO my TV.] still. Cruel jokes. 1984 says:

ǝuʎɐʍ ( needs her [Jimmy Kimmel, GTFO my TV.] still. Cruel jokes. 1984 says:

ǝuʎɐʍ ( needs her [Jimmy Kimmel, GTFO my TV.] still. Cruel jokes. 1984 says:

ǝuʎɐʍ ( needs her [Jimmy Kimmel, GTFO my TV.] still. Cruel jokes. 1984 says:
*i must show that i'm pro-ISA otherwise I'll be ISA-ed! Catch 22!*


ISA have arrested 3 reporters for reports that threatened the harmony of our community. i have a question, why is the Penang UMNO state assembly man Ahmad Ismail something-somehting not arrested yet? didnt HE threatened the our harmony when he commented that chinese are only penumpangs??

hmm... i dont understand.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

post Kinabalu talk

it has been a week..

yes im still harping on kinabalu!
what do you expect? it was damn super awesome and memorable ok just ask the others!
and how can i stop thinking about the trip when there's still so much Kk stuff to do and talk about !!

courtesy of Kit.

what i miss about the whole trip is actually not the trip itself, but the days before it...
when we had car washes!
and t-shirt sales!
and folding clothes for the Punan Bah charity spin off!
and more car washes!
and the Sale that nearly happened :)

t-shirt sales!! the model~

very first car wash!

Punan Bah charity Drive

i miss the pre-KK meetings,
all the talk about the trip and questions and excitement!
the excitement of packing and preparing,
and lame jokes as well...

i miss the pre-KK treks..
where we climbed together,
and wondered how Kinabalu will be like,
asking each other if Kinabalu would be harder...
(or rather me pestering Kit about it)

Gunung Irau Mud Madness

most of all,
i miss the stitching of bonds,
getting to know new friends,
and family alike,
learning about each other..

the sticthing of bonds gave me a mum and a dad,
a sister and 2 brothers,
which is the best best bestest part ever!
its funny how strangers became friends, and now family..
i love them very very much :)

i miss going to the staff room after class to kacau my mum and dad for all the kinabalu talks..

hahahah.. but now still got kacau. if not they will miss me.


to think i almost said NO to this trip, im glad i joined, and tengkiuuuu to my parentsss for supporting me in so many ways possible! This trip and the whole process seriously gave me the best memories in college, highlight of my life you might even say! i cant imagine what it would be like if i was considerate and thrifty and missed all this...

wah scary!

special thanks to

ms. collins
andrew (acknowledging ur car wash help ok)

super awesome KK troop!

with love !

*omg i dowana graduate leave this club and all the people! i wanna fail my subject and stay another semester!!*

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i will be back again

"abang, berapa lama lagi?"

eventually i joined myself with Eagle 2 and 4 (Kit, mini, Gab & Faril) along the Mesilau Trial, the last group ascending Mount Kinabalu, as one by one others surpasses me and made their way up to the pit stop of the day - Laban Rata, the rest house for the night. I walked inches by inches up the 4093m giant, occasionally gulping at the sight of steep steps and wondering how long has it been, and how long more it will be. it had never occured to me that i was hungry, nor did i realized that i needed water and food. i just wanted to walk, and get to the final point. Rain water seeped into my raincoat and stained my skin, it was getting colder, hands and nose loses all feelings as i reached higher altitudes. The 7kg bag was also taking a toll on me, last quarter of the way i had to stop every few minutes to relieve my shoulders, as the thin bag strap pierces into my flesh. my body threatened to faint under the combination of cold, weight, hunger, height. every step was dizzy, and each time i stop i felt like going into slumber, i thought i was just feeling sleepy. but alas i forced myself to stay awake, and brave the winds, till i see a tiny, sparkling light in the distance. Relieve flushes over me, my mind wanted to pick up all might and strength and speed towards the comfy, warm looking resthouse, but my body told me otherwise, painfully i inched again, with my guide on my left, till the doors open and i was welcomed with warm lights and a hot bowl of mushroom soup.

the warmth was my rescue
i was glad to finally, after 8 hours of walk, reached Laban Rata but instead of a smile, all i could manage was to hold back tears as it meets with rain droplets, sweat, fatigue and again, cold. i immediately dropped my load on the ground, as dad and friends tore away my wet layers. i was suddenly sipping a steamy watery cup bowl of mushroom soup that tastes like heaven, while someone dried my hair with a dry towel as warm as toast. i felt better after a while, after bathing in the warmth of food, and the warmth of my kinabalu buddies.. as everyone retreated to sleep with the cold mountain mist, daddy and i was left. we took our own sweet time to recover, and prepare ourselves for bed. ironically instead of dressing down for sleep, we slapped on more layers of jackets and beanies, stepped into the cold darkness once more, and search for Gunting Lagadan - my home for the night. Finding Gunting Lagadan was a tad tricky, as dad tried to recall memories and i trialled behind, but it wasnt long before we found ourselves in the dim living room of the hostel.

Bidding goodnight to dad, i climbed onto the upper bunk, and snorred away in the unheated room, jackets and clothes being my heater.

sights and senses i never knew existed

Quest for the Magical Sunrise

i did not want to stop ever so often but i had to, we were going very much higher, very much closer to the 4093rd meter, and the oxygen was getting very much thinner. There were times when i could suddenly walk on and on without stopping, but there were times when i just had to stop, go, stop, go. the walk to the peak was so cold my snot felt frozen, my hands just wanted to find refuge in the pocket as both mittens, and gloves were already soaked in ice cold water. i was worried as 5 am drew nearer, and then 6am came, the black sky was turning to a light blue hue.. i missed the sunrise, but i did not missed the absolutely spectacular view from the highest spot in Malaysia - Low's Peak. absolutely spectacular. seeing other peaks and a party of hue swimming amongst fogs, mists and coulds was breataking enough, aweing at the sight of the shadow of Mount Kinabalu overpowering the sky was something i never knew existed. it is true, they say that the view from Mount Kinabalu is one of the most beautiful sight on earth, for i saw something so amazing just describing it here like this, is not doing it justice..

the peak was crowded with cameras and people, which made it hard to immortalize the breath taking view. the zero degree weather made it harder to stay long, and the abang guide that was soon usering me off the peak did not allow me much time to take in more than i can handle. Soon enough justin and faril was accompanying me down the peak, with abang guide leading the way. the cold wheather deterred me from lugging out the camera for picture perfect moments, ahh but i have it all snapped, uploaded and printed in my noggin.. the view of the other mountains, the view of the trail down, the view of the resthouse looking like little cottages one can only find in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs...

did i really walked this far?
one of the most amazing sense that i have experienced and loved from walking before sunrise, is discovery. Discovering the path that you have ventured, the peaks you have walked passed, and the shocked of realizing that in the middle of the night, while you were only focusing on speck of ground your headlamp showed you, not giving a thought to what might be around you, you have actually covered a vast, majestic area of the mountain... walking down from the peak, and seeing all these infront of you, you would not have imagine that you have actually climbed up scaled such acres and acres of height, in just a few hours ago....

Pride. Accomplishment. awe.
this is something everyone should not miss out on, go climb kinabalu mountain today! :D

ballerina in the forest

returning to the base of Mount Kinabalu via a different trial proved to be a different experience all together. the timpohon trial is shorter i must say, but non-the-less still a challenge to those on the way to the peak -- steep steps, steep steep steps, many many steep steep steps. luckily i was running down tip-toed these steps, i hear my thighs cried a whoop of joy as gravity helped me down the trial. although the timpohon trial did not have much of a scenic view, i had the luxury of crossing paths with the people - foreigners, locals and workers who are going to or had experienced the majestic peak. "hello" we said to one another, "have fun" as we bid goodbye. i have always been fascinated by foreingers who visit our Malaysia, and Mount Kinabalu has once again amazed me with the amount of visitors with hair and eyes of different hue.

abang sangat hebat
with 50kg load on their bag, they still managed to climb the moutain in their jeans and leather shoes, i salute the guides who has been so patient throughout the climb. the guides who trialled behind us, making sure we were on the right path has been ever so patient with their charges, stoping when we stop, and going when we go, following us all 8 hours of the way when they could have easily be there in 3 hours; patiently answering our cries of "how long more!" ever so often. I guess you would have been accustomed to all the questions, and followed ever so patiently, even with an elephant's weight on your back, if you climb mountains for a living, and when Mount Kinabalu has become nothing but stroll in the park for you.

however, i winced at the sight of porters - hardworking guides who carry the luggage of their charges. it is not the fact that they carry heavy loads that appals me but the sight of these ethnic porters hunchedback carrying the bags on their back walking beside their charges who walks without anything in hand that scares me. i dont like to admit this but the porters looked like mules, carrying kilos and kilos of equipments for their masters. it looked like a violation of their rights, but then again i reminded myself, that this is their source of income, they willingly do so, as it might the only way to provide food for their tummy.
8 ringgit per kilo, i can only hope that they get their fair share of the money for doing all that literally back breaking work.

"one ! two! one! two!"
bearing aches, pain and bruises from Mount Kinabalu did not deterred our spirit for White Water Rafting. the next day, everyone was in full force to conquer Padas River. White Water Rafting was a whole new experience, it felt just like rollercoaster on water. you would expect that the river guides ease you in with a calm lazy river before going through rough rapids but no, after 10 minutes into the river we met our first rival - the HeadHunter, a rapid so strong it rose us metres into the air and back again. scary i must say, i had my eyes closed at time when we fought vicious rapids with scary names like The Washing Machine and The Merry-Go-Round. One rapid was so strong that in a minute, everyone was tumbled over their seats and struggling to get back up again on the rocky raft.

going through the photos and video was hilarious! everyone looked like suicide bombers, or rather going into combat with the helmets and oversized life jackets on. ahh but yes, werent we going into combat with the rapids?

where does this goes to?

i felt like Dora the Explorer on our very last day of the trip, with a backpack strapped on and my fellow exploring buddies Suyin, Justin and Faril with me. While some have opted to sun bath on the beach, the other half of us decided to explore the town, and so we went town exploring! KK town isnt that large, we went to the waterfront, and then to the Handicraft Centre. stepping into the Handicraft centre seemed to have brought me back in time when i was in the very same centre in Cambodia - every nook and cranny was plastered with an assortment of masks, t-shirts, keychains, quaint little statues and coin purses made of real frogs. it was again a traditional game of haggling, to secure the best price of that exquisite mask that you fell in love with...

the mission to hunt for Teh Tiga Warna failed, but it brought us another whole new discovery! our wide-angled eyes spotted a hill with a trial behind a row of houses, being a explorer and all, we satisfied our curiousity by following the little trial. "it'll lead us to the observation tower!"one said, "no we're heading up the clock tower!"said another, but alas the 5 minute trial led us to nothing but a windy road. time was running out as we had to meet back at Akinabalu soon, but instead of heading backwards, we convinced each other just follow the road down hill, excited to find out where it leads to. Suddenly, our stroll came to a halt when we saw a signboard pointing right to Bukit Bendera! we immedialtey turned to the direction and to our suprise, it was another trial, and this time it leads uphill! looking straight ahead was a even more suprising discovery - not knowing where we were or where we were going to, the road led us back to the town and right in front of Akinabalu! i was so eager to go up the trial, but the others stopped me, for to our dismail, it was already 2.30, and we had to head to the airport soon...

bukit Bendera would have to wait, till the next time i step into KK town. and this time, i will hunt down that damned Teh Tiga Warna, i will get to Low's Peak before sunrise, and i will discover what's on top of the observation tower!

Mount Kinabalu, i will conquer thee, again.

this has been the best trip ever!

"no, im not going to Kinabalu..."

*to be contiuned*
pictures to be uploaded soon be patient people!

it has been a dream

back from sabah, with memories as sweet as dewdrops,
not from only the 5 days in a foreign land,
but from months,
of preperation and anticipation,
and the stitchting of bonds...

will update,
when all sinks in

Thursday, August 28, 2008

prime minister for a hour day!

if today was friday the 29th, i would be saying this :
all hail me!
for i am your Prime Minister, Dato Chu Mei Fong! hot prime minister :P

i shall be doing my job at the mock election at IDC class today,
and i shall have 2 lines :

1. introducing our King Yang di-Pertuan bla bla bla to announce the dissolution of the current standing parliment


2. the parliment is dissolved!

and after the candidtes debate, and the mock election ends, i shall retire to be Tan Sri Chu Mei Fong.

Prime Minister for a day, how cool is that? lol
annoy me and i shall behead you! prime ministers can do that if i say so, im the prime minister so shut it :P

mock election?
"just for the fun and drama of it" mr chen says.

*** in another world...***

i get to see aeroplane! i get to SIT on the aeroplane!! *yeayness!!!*
i get to walk 7 hours in the cold,
and get my to soak myself in icy cold river water,
and eat sabah street fooooood!!!

now all i need to do is pack my bagsssssssssssss, gao tim student coucil stuffs, pass my radio to dance club, upload cultural day pics or else you will all have to wait for a week and homework.

i go pack bag now.
bye bye.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


damn malas nak update la.....

i had a very, very bad emo night yesterday.....
i felt so crappy i did not do my work, didnt online,
ohh but i wrote a poem though! :D
yes, crapy days inspire me to write poems, on happy days i just want to have fun and enjoy the whole thing i dont think of poems

sad night led me to have a very emotastic day today. yes, thats why i wore that dirty white hat, to cover my crappy emo face.

ahh but the emo bug flew away edi :)

i should start reading again, since Harry Potter i have not really digested a proper book... all those time wasted at bus stops and sungei wang should be wasted while reading a book.. the thing is nothing has really caught my interest yet...
any recommendations ar? how about Twilight and the lot? is it really good?

i better hurry up finish packing for Kinabalu. YEAY!! kinabalu and white water rafting? how much cooler can a long weekend get? now all i need is bungee jumping, or even sky diving :)

t-minus 2 days to Kinabalu.....
yeah man we'll be celebrating merdeka in style :D

Sunday, August 24, 2008

beijing 2008?

okai, the olympics is coming to an end, in about 45 minutes.

yes i know, boohooo, 4 more years before we can see the Chinese win gymnast medals, the African wins atheletics gold, and the Micheal Phelps hoo-haa about his 20th medal.

i had some thoughts about this Olympic thing these past 2 weeks...

the Beijing Opening.
its freakingly awesome isnt it? i mean China can manage to pull that off because they have the population to do so. and did you know that those performers are all volunteers? Yes, they spend 10 months of their life practicsing day in and out, not asking for a single penny to feed their tummy but they feed on the pride of being able to serve their country.. patrioctic yeah? like i said, only China have enough people patriotic enough to do so.

and even though they succumbed to the pressure of media tactics and the shallow meaning of beauty, who can deny that they still made history? but still, its wrong for China to deny a little girls talent and debut because she is not "pretty" enough but put on a different girl to lip-synch- i do hope to see the real angelic voice behind the national anthem during the closing..

basically, the Beijing 080808 opening, is the Chinese saying BEAT THAT LONDON! and if London don't outshine them in 2012, well im guessing there will be some talk.. people always compare dont they?

the Games
how the hell can BMX cycling be an Olympic sport but squash, SQUASH not be in the olympics?u have racquets and balls in squash, just like badminton or tennis! ITS A SPOOORRTT!! next thing you know, pool will be a sport. oh or even darts. Dad just said well this is irony. True, true, the irony of life doesnt always make sense. Squash not being part of the Olympic doesnt make sense. and im not saying this because of Nicol David.

on a lighter note, the BMX cycling competion was coooolll~ lol

and China has won like what? 50 medals already? im thinking half of it is from gymnastics.
1. nobody can deny China owns this sport, its their game, like swimming is to Micheal Phelps.
2. there is soooo many categories, incuding boy's and girl's in gymnasts its crazy
3. and China is kinda sort off winning most of them

like gymnasts is to China, running is to Africa. They are sooooo fast at the end of the race they are like 100 metres before their competitors. crazy superfast wei! you know why they are so good at this sport? its because African countries are not very rich, they dont have equipements and stadiums to nurture atheletes in insert sport here. Sprinting, Marathons - now this is a sport that only requires land, and foot. No wonder the Africans are soo good at it.

and Micheal Phelps is overrated. even the Star published a section on the characteristics of him being a great swimmer - big hands long torso bla bla bla

and congrats to Lee Chong Wei!! silver today, gold tomorrow! :)

the Closing
it better be as good as the opening, or else there would be dissapointments! even though it doesnt dissapoint people, the media will make sure it does.

and there better be no lip-singing girl or pre-recorded fireworks.

Good Luck China!

when will sepak takraw be a part of the Olympics?
quick question:
who goes to Sungei Wang and dont do no shopping, and spend only about 15 bucks?

*shots up hand in air and waves frantically* ME! ME! ME!

so i didnt do no shoping in there, but what i did do is

1. wait at starbucks
2.sleep at starbucks
3.sweat at starbucks at mcD
5.wait at starbucks again
6.look at the rainfall in starbucks
7.get bored of waiting at starbucks
8.wait at foodcourt.

how many hours of waiting you ask?
from 2pm to 9.30pm - you do the math.

yes, i succesfully spend the whole day doing nothing, i mean NOTHING at sungeiwang. at least i get paid for wasting my time.

*thinks of the money*

now chant with me :
*i did not waste the whole day for nothing*
*i did not waste the whole day for nothing*

*i did not waste the whole day for nothing!*

till i get paid which most probably be 2 months later,

see ya!

arghhs and i tak boleh tahan all the lalas mat rempits and mat remtinas at sungei wang weeeiiiii urgh. they succesfully destroy my liking for fedora hats. i dont want no fedoras anymore.

Friday, August 22, 2008

holding back tears

if you hadn't know yet, i love animals. ALOT.and i mean ALLOOOOOTTTT.

but maybe i shouldnt have really chosen animal rights for my ISU.

it. is. just. too. painful.

and i've only been reading up on animal cruelty for an hour or so.

imagine, 3 more months of this.

they have no voice, doesn't mean that people should be abusing them.

doesnt mean effing people should be skinning them, neglecting them, starving them, killing them, all for their own pleasure.

we should be thanking for our animals friends, not torturing them.

we are in their soil, shouldnt we be the one respecting them?

what is the problem with those sadist who are soooooo heartless?

what the fuck la.

i have pledge to be naked rather then wear fur. i shall be plegding to be vegetarian for 30 days. soon to come.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ignorance is bliss

words that hurts, tears that sting...

i just remembered why i liked going to college that much

oh well

im a movie star

ohhmyyygoood i almost pee-ed in my pants thinking i didnt save my photoshopped work.
it was saved and fine no need to panic!!

anyways, here's what i just finished doing!

my first ever movie, premiering soon in a cinema's near you!! :D
yes, in case you are wondering, thats me playing the lead actress role :)

watch out Angelina Jolie here comes ME!!

now who wants my autograph!?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gunung Irau

for being more than i could have imagine,
for being so caring and loving,
for all the delightful suprises,
for making me want to do better,

for making me feel ever so lucky,

thank you for everything,
and for everything that is to come,

i couldnt have wished for more
i couldnt have expressed my love and appreciation more,

thank you <3

heart and love,
xiao nu er

Monday, August 18, 2008

for the bored and sleepy

call me easily fascinated, but
THIS is damn cool !!

just click on the ball and the ball changes colour!
it sounds boring but seriously fun wei

i feel like a cat playing this game.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

OptimisticPiggyTV part 2

Hello and welcome back to "Who Says CIMP is Easy!"

we have witnessed the panic and struggle as Mei tries not to screw up all her assignments and the presentation that almost made her cut herself, now lets meet the girl herself and listen first hand on what she has to say!

come on up Mei!


Okay, so after that long horrid night, and after this mornings' panic attack and the fear of screwing up my presentation and assignments, THANK GOD everything is finished! the big fat pink elephant that lives on my back finally flew away! Goodbye Mr.Elephant, i hope we do not meet again. :D

the world issues presentation was a pain in the big fat arse. dear worldissues people, if you are doing your news summary report DO NOT DO the Russian-Georgia Conflict! it will just make u cry. seriously. yeah of course it is damn easy to get the information but the problem with that is getting tooooo much information. reading and trying to understand and analyze all the colourful articles that talk about different aspects of the war is cool, but OMG it so sooo god damn confusing i didnt know what was what and just made myself go WHHHHAAAATTT! ohh noo but dont take my word for it by all means go on with this topic if you want to!

honestly after the long night and attempts to not get confused i had no plan on what to present. so i just planned to wing it. seriously i just stitched facts together and empty parts that i didnt understand i just made up answers that sounded logical enough. and i presented whatever i could think of, heart beating fast against my ribs hoping whatever makesense to them cause it didnt make sense to me. during Q and A session i was crossing my fingers hoping people dont ask questions that i dont know how to answer! ohh but thank GuanYinMa again that i could answer Ms Nancy questions corectly. winging it seems to agree with me *YEAYNESS!!!* :D

after that poor attempt on the presentation, that was totally not up to my own standards (yes i have standards, high standards) i was really worried about how i did. pheeeeewwwwwwwwwww luckily ms nancy said i did pretty good. now lets just hope i get good grades on this. ohh and todays world issues class was like a F1 race, i was racing to get my presentation, quiz questions, and referencing activity thingy done at the same time. what a way to start the morning- with adrenalin pumping throughtout!

ahh and finally the photoshop modules is D.O.N.E done! will show you my prettyful emotastic photoshoped stuff soon kay~ :D muacks to mr pacman who allowed us to hand in the bonus thingy during holidays... more time, just what i needed. *yeayness again!*

ahh... holidays.......

okay. imma go prepare for my overnight trek to Gunung Irau!

till i talk about how awesome Irau is,
hugs and kisses :D

HOLD ON! on a last note : LEEE CHONG WEI totally beat Korea's ass (sorry nadia) in the badminton semi finals!! OMG that match was sooooo close and ganjiong!! woohoo we are in the finals lets hope that we win the gold medal! well even if we dont win we already have silver in teh bag GO GO GO malaysia!!!

okai u can press the X button at the top now :P

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hey there folks!
Welcome to another episode of "Who Says CIMP is Easy ?" !

last episode we watched a group of OB sudents struggle through their group assignment as tension falls between group members.

Today, lets introduce a new guest! Give a round of applause for MEI!!!!
Mei is a 2nd sem student that is balancing between classes, dance club, trekking club and student council!

but tonight we are not talking about her balancing act. Tonight, we will see a battle between this girl, and her assignments.

watch Mei, as she challenges her news summary presentation, tackles the tricky ISU mind map, takes on the case study and referencing activity!

did you hear that ? "Curse you World Issues!" she just said give her a round of applause people!!! *claps*

but wait theres more!!! Mei still has to battle with the tricky photoshop modules twins! last minute bonus assignements ohhh MrPacMan is a real toughie! and then there is the IDC ISU article she has to hunt down in the jungle of Googles!

WOW! Mei has to finish all this and reach the finishing ribbon for tomorrow! can she do it? will Mei be able to get blissful sleep? or will she be a panda bear tomorrow!


coming back right after these messages from our sponsor.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

what do you mean i look like a girl!?

3rd post of the day, i kid you not when i say i have the urge to blog.

what is wrong with me that when the one day i wore pink, and an alice band (yes, the only pink clothing i have) i suddenly look different? its remotely a girly outfit i mean i wore jeans its not even a skirtdresshotpants or anything but suddenly i look girly? people suddenly have much to say. i bet you wouldnt say its a girly look if its another girl wearing it. suddenly i look like a girl today. uhh maybe i should look like a girl more often.

naaahhhhh... im no common girl.

or maybe i should dress up abit more?
wait, but that means i have to sacrifice my extra 5 minutes in bed.
hmm..... i rather sleep.

my thougths on music, my very first


i dont feel much for pretty boy bands. the common girl will squeal and go all wobbly at the sight, or sound of these boy bands, but wait, im no common girl. yes, yes, they do have a song or two that are really good but still pretty boy bands? to me its just 5 random pretty boys grouped together, locked up in a recording room, computerized voice to sound pretty, slap on some make up and matching outfits, give them a cute haircut, add in some dance moves, and WAHLAH! there you have it : money raking boy bands to melt the hearts of innocent young girls. i can just see the dollar sign on the music agent people's eyes.

they look too perfect and pretty to be real. i dont mind if they dont write their own music but what the hell they dont even sing their own songs. they dont even remix or modify the songs that they cover. its outright copy and paste, down to the very last note. Westlife has a whole album that covers songs of the Frank Sinatras, classical heroes of the 70's. You think Uptown Girl or even Seasons in the Sun was a Westlife original? Think again.

listen to 10 songs in a boybands cd and notice that theres not much difference between each songs. the same sappy love song with the same sappy tune. and all boy bands sound the same. Put on 3 boyband's music and i dont think i can tell part which song belongs to which band. WAIT! boy BAND? i dont see them playing any of their own instrument! why are we calling them boyBANDS again?

dont get me wrong, i dont HATE them or anything, they do have some nice music, i just prefer something a little bit different.

U2, Linkin Park, FallOutBoys, Maroon5. now these are the real BoyBands. no much of boys though, they are men. Songs that are original, different, they have attitude. they dont look prefect and that makes them all the more real. they sing real songs, not the same old breakup makeup story. they are simply the opposite of boybands. their songs make sense, not much of fairytales songs that boybands seem to have mastered. and do you think they have every single aspect of them altered by their agents to earn obscenely huge big bucks?? there is a chance, but it sure is lower than those of boybands.

do i HAVE to say more?

i sound hostile dont i? from what i've learnt, you can never trust the media. HAVE YOU NOT READ THE HEADLINES TODAY? even the cute little flying singing chinese girl a.k.a star of the Beijing Olympics opening is not real.

i know, what have the world become when everything is based on fabricaton.

imma continue listening to my Jet now.


i have the urge to blog today. isnt it weird that you have the urge to do something only when you are at the busiest? is it because you are ignoring the fact that you have actualy work to work on, is it procrastination? or is it just coincidence? believe me this week is gonna practically suck the soul out of me, okay so i exaggerated a lil' but still, thank god sem breaks' coming up next week (im free for yum cha ppl!)! wait.... free? i have shit loads of numbers on my to-do-list for sem break.... *gaaarrrsssss* ahh there goes my holidays -.-

first thing on my to do list : make a to-do-list.

sem break ppl sem break! :D

Sunday, August 10, 2008

im malaysian laaa

i was gonna wait till near 31st august to update this but what the hey? i shall do this now

"did you see the beijing olympics yesterday? its really awesome, after seeeing it you feel proud to be a chinese!"
"-___- ''' "
"im Malaysian."

if you havent already notice, people like me, develops a passion in everything almost everything they are involved in. be it clubs, societies, CIMP, kwang hua, any organizations, hobby, classes i've been involved in! you name it, i've loved it. and that, involves my country.

yes people, i deeply love Malaysia. i love the people, the sun, the culture and ohh yes the FOOD!
i enjoy our heavy breakfasts and late night mamak, our indian and malay best friends, our rojak english that is a mixture of english, chinese, malay and tamil, the over excessive use of LAHS and the amount of off days we get because of all the diff celebrations! i mean its my birthplace, its where i wanna be burried when i die. i wont deny that we have our problems, but tell me, which country doesn't? and yes, maybe i do want to explore school and work in another country, but i will forever be Malaysian. i've been guilty of hating to learn sejarah and lamenting about this and that, but still its MY Malaysia.

i know we arent all that great and nice and all but we're still growing and learning aren't we? to those that never gave malaysia a chance and already start complaining, well its only your loss for being such a pessimist. i find it very disrespectful to hear obscene complaints, escpecially from outsiders about a country that you practically dont know anything off. Living stationary in one spot doesnt mean you have already experienced and know the whole of Malaysia. yes you have your opinions but be respectful wont you? ever heard of constructive criticisim? and it hurts to see people well, not liking their own country. i know you and i complain alot, its human nature, but at the end of the day we still say lah and i believe, are very malaysian at heart. ohh and to the people making fun of Malaysia about sports, we dont play crickets and football but we have badminton and squash. just google Nicole David :P

ohh my, i sound very patriotic dont i?
i do love malaysia.

and now, random pictures about well, Malaysia!! :D
just a lil something i did last minute for comtech class :)

i love going to pasar malams and enjoying road side food under the coloured umbrella while listening to music blasting from the CD peddler's stereo!

ahh.. as JJ and Rudy said, Malaysia is so awesome because we are the very few that have foods that serves as breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper : Nasi Lemak! *yumms*

whoever invented "IF YOU'RE A MALAYSIAN SAY LAH" is a genius!
i shall be LAH-ING all the way :D
*much luck and love to our olympics fighters out there!*

Monday, August 4, 2008

i went home with wet underwear

"why aren't you going to Gunung Datuk this time?"
"went before once, why should i go another time?"

it was the second time up Gunung Datuk for me, the first was months ago, where the lot of us spent the night there in tents and frezzing our butts off in the cool mountain wind. This time it was a simple day trek. However so, it was as awesome as the first.

funny how this time around, the long hike up doesnt seem as long as it was before. I remembered long escalating paths that would never end, everytime there was a prospect of reaching the top, I would have to suck it up and bear on a lil longer. Maybe it was the lighter bagpacks, maybe because this time we were trekking under bright sunlighted pathway (we had to walk through as darkness fall last time) maybe it was the anticipation of a long walk or maybe it was just the company, but the big gigantic boulder that is the peak reached our nose faster then i imagined.

I guess whether changes as the time of day differs, climbing up the ladders to the peak was awfully difficult last time. The stupid "windproof" jacket that i would never wear again puffed up over me like a big fat parachute. THAT did not make the climb easier as strong winds already thereatened to blow the already not-very-stable me off course. Thank God school daddy was willing enough to guide everyone up and down patiently. That was when it was during late night and early morning. The winds in the afternoon werent as strong, this time it was really easy for me, and everyone else to just slide up and down the rocks!

FOOD! one thing that didnt change was SAUSAGES!! yes it was prepared by different chefs but it tasted gooooood all the same! well, everything taste better when your're on the mountains, even Roti Canai smells better! and YES we had roti on the mountains! :D firstaidKIT the versatile chef and nurse doctor was hungry enough to take over schooldad's eagerness to make food! complete with butter, salt, pepper, dessert : blueberry jam, and eaters!! *yum~* yes i ate, but i helped too ok, i provided the roti canai :D

mr-eagerpants-kit who didnt even enjoy the view coz he wanna makan

the people, not food are energy-boosters

we stayed up long enough to get out enrgy juices flowing. after all the sausages and camerashots, we were pumped to just run down and see how fast can we go! Thus, the train gang : Zubair, ChoiMay, firstaidKIT and me challenged ourselves, and just kept going down. we didnt stop for water or to rest, the waterpool was waiting to hug us, but we did stopped to pick up those pesky litter. Gladly, i noticed that this time around there was less rubbish then before. *yays!* i remembered coming down the last time, i remember i was chatting with schooldad and iwan all the way and it was a fast and fairly easy trip down. this time was a different story, i would say going down was faster, but kinda harder than going up. harder! and i thought going down is always easier!

the Train Gang

and yet again,we chilled at the pool. for the record, if you are at a river, and someone says they saw a watersnake, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! cause they are most probably lying. hmph. i was so excited to see a green water snake but all i got was being frightened at a long broken branch and being pulled into the water. hmpH!!! oh well, i was already wet in the first place. i mean how can i resist not dipping into the cool icy water? it just looked so tempting and relaxing, especially after a long sweaty walk. It was so inviting it was all i could think of that i forgot i only brought a shirt and pants to change. to all that did not notice, yes, i went home in wet underwear! arghssss but who cares i got to play in the waterpool we rarely get to do it its awesome and underwears can dry up themselves anways!!! :D

it was a really awesome trek. as all my treks have been *lucky me!*

which do i prefer? the first time, or the second?

there are no favourites, or comparison for that matter. they were at the same location but the mountain is never the same. trees grow, and so does experiences. i was with different people on both occasions, and each of them gave me wonderful memories to savour...

ahh..... i love treks,
dont you?