Wednesday, August 13, 2008

what do you mean i look like a girl!?

3rd post of the day, i kid you not when i say i have the urge to blog.

what is wrong with me that when the one day i wore pink, and an alice band (yes, the only pink clothing i have) i suddenly look different? its remotely a girly outfit i mean i wore jeans its not even a skirtdresshotpants or anything but suddenly i look girly? people suddenly have much to say. i bet you wouldnt say its a girly look if its another girl wearing it. suddenly i look like a girl today. uhh maybe i should look like a girl more often.

naaahhhhh... im no common girl.

or maybe i should dress up abit more?
wait, but that means i have to sacrifice my extra 5 minutes in bed.
hmm..... i rather sleep.

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Nerine said...

Good for people to know.