Monday, August 4, 2008

i went home with wet underwear

"why aren't you going to Gunung Datuk this time?"
"went before once, why should i go another time?"

it was the second time up Gunung Datuk for me, the first was months ago, where the lot of us spent the night there in tents and frezzing our butts off in the cool mountain wind. This time it was a simple day trek. However so, it was as awesome as the first.

funny how this time around, the long hike up doesnt seem as long as it was before. I remembered long escalating paths that would never end, everytime there was a prospect of reaching the top, I would have to suck it up and bear on a lil longer. Maybe it was the lighter bagpacks, maybe because this time we were trekking under bright sunlighted pathway (we had to walk through as darkness fall last time) maybe it was the anticipation of a long walk or maybe it was just the company, but the big gigantic boulder that is the peak reached our nose faster then i imagined.

I guess whether changes as the time of day differs, climbing up the ladders to the peak was awfully difficult last time. The stupid "windproof" jacket that i would never wear again puffed up over me like a big fat parachute. THAT did not make the climb easier as strong winds already thereatened to blow the already not-very-stable me off course. Thank God school daddy was willing enough to guide everyone up and down patiently. That was when it was during late night and early morning. The winds in the afternoon werent as strong, this time it was really easy for me, and everyone else to just slide up and down the rocks!

FOOD! one thing that didnt change was SAUSAGES!! yes it was prepared by different chefs but it tasted gooooood all the same! well, everything taste better when your're on the mountains, even Roti Canai smells better! and YES we had roti on the mountains! :D firstaidKIT the versatile chef and nurse doctor was hungry enough to take over schooldad's eagerness to make food! complete with butter, salt, pepper, dessert : blueberry jam, and eaters!! *yum~* yes i ate, but i helped too ok, i provided the roti canai :D

mr-eagerpants-kit who didnt even enjoy the view coz he wanna makan

the people, not food are energy-boosters

we stayed up long enough to get out enrgy juices flowing. after all the sausages and camerashots, we were pumped to just run down and see how fast can we go! Thus, the train gang : Zubair, ChoiMay, firstaidKIT and me challenged ourselves, and just kept going down. we didnt stop for water or to rest, the waterpool was waiting to hug us, but we did stopped to pick up those pesky litter. Gladly, i noticed that this time around there was less rubbish then before. *yays!* i remembered coming down the last time, i remember i was chatting with schooldad and iwan all the way and it was a fast and fairly easy trip down. this time was a different story, i would say going down was faster, but kinda harder than going up. harder! and i thought going down is always easier!

the Train Gang

and yet again,we chilled at the pool. for the record, if you are at a river, and someone says they saw a watersnake, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! cause they are most probably lying. hmph. i was so excited to see a green water snake but all i got was being frightened at a long broken branch and being pulled into the water. hmpH!!! oh well, i was already wet in the first place. i mean how can i resist not dipping into the cool icy water? it just looked so tempting and relaxing, especially after a long sweaty walk. It was so inviting it was all i could think of that i forgot i only brought a shirt and pants to change. to all that did not notice, yes, i went home in wet underwear! arghssss but who cares i got to play in the waterpool we rarely get to do it its awesome and underwears can dry up themselves anways!!! :D

it was a really awesome trek. as all my treks have been *lucky me!*

which do i prefer? the first time, or the second?

there are no favourites, or comparison for that matter. they were at the same location but the mountain is never the same. trees grow, and so does experiences. i was with different people on both occasions, and each of them gave me wonderful memories to savour...

ahh..... i love treks,
dont you?


E-1 said...

I don't see Mr.Tan face on the pics...

he didn't join the trek???...

anyway when is kinabalu trek?

happyPig~ said...

he didint go la.. but his titanium pot went!

got his name here though! :D

its at the end of the month.. we're leaving on the 29th!

E-1 said...

oo ic..

gud luck on the trek....

hope u get a good sunrise... n don't forget to upload the pictures later...