Friday, August 22, 2008

holding back tears

if you hadn't know yet, i love animals. ALOT.and i mean ALLOOOOOTTTT.

but maybe i shouldnt have really chosen animal rights for my ISU.

it. is. just. too. painful.

and i've only been reading up on animal cruelty for an hour or so.

imagine, 3 more months of this.

they have no voice, doesn't mean that people should be abusing them.

doesnt mean effing people should be skinning them, neglecting them, starving them, killing them, all for their own pleasure.

we should be thanking for our animals friends, not torturing them.

we are in their soil, shouldnt we be the one respecting them?

what is the problem with those sadist who are soooooo heartless?

what the fuck la.

i have pledge to be naked rather then wear fur. i shall be plegding to be vegetarian for 30 days. soon to come.


Steph.L said...

And I will join you.

I'm sure that there are many others who feel the same.

Hm, maybe you can talk to your lecturer about changing your topic to something else?

Aryan Goharzad said...

i fuckin' appreciate his post . seriously !

happyPig~ said...

nonono steph tis a good topic i want to do this

nad she warned me that its gonnabe painful so its ok

happyPig~ said...

thanks aryan.. wont u join me in helping out our friends? :)

Steph.L said...

Hm... if that's what you want. =S
I'm just worried a bit... aish. >_<

If there's anything, talk to people, yea?

O_o Did I just get... insulted??

happyPig~ said...

nola that guy posted 2 of the same comment i tot want to delete one of it wana tau cannot one

Steph.L said...

Eh... no lar. What I meant was... did he think that I'm a guy?? O_o

happyPig~ said...

no i think aryan is saying its "THIS" post not his post

Steph.L said...

Lol. Ok. =D