Sunday, August 10, 2008

im malaysian laaa

i was gonna wait till near 31st august to update this but what the hey? i shall do this now

"did you see the beijing olympics yesterday? its really awesome, after seeeing it you feel proud to be a chinese!"
"-___- ''' "
"im Malaysian."

if you havent already notice, people like me, develops a passion in everything almost everything they are involved in. be it clubs, societies, CIMP, kwang hua, any organizations, hobby, classes i've been involved in! you name it, i've loved it. and that, involves my country.

yes people, i deeply love Malaysia. i love the people, the sun, the culture and ohh yes the FOOD!
i enjoy our heavy breakfasts and late night mamak, our indian and malay best friends, our rojak english that is a mixture of english, chinese, malay and tamil, the over excessive use of LAHS and the amount of off days we get because of all the diff celebrations! i mean its my birthplace, its where i wanna be burried when i die. i wont deny that we have our problems, but tell me, which country doesn't? and yes, maybe i do want to explore school and work in another country, but i will forever be Malaysian. i've been guilty of hating to learn sejarah and lamenting about this and that, but still its MY Malaysia.

i know we arent all that great and nice and all but we're still growing and learning aren't we? to those that never gave malaysia a chance and already start complaining, well its only your loss for being such a pessimist. i find it very disrespectful to hear obscene complaints, escpecially from outsiders about a country that you practically dont know anything off. Living stationary in one spot doesnt mean you have already experienced and know the whole of Malaysia. yes you have your opinions but be respectful wont you? ever heard of constructive criticisim? and it hurts to see people well, not liking their own country. i know you and i complain alot, its human nature, but at the end of the day we still say lah and i believe, are very malaysian at heart. ohh and to the people making fun of Malaysia about sports, we dont play crickets and football but we have badminton and squash. just google Nicole David :P

ohh my, i sound very patriotic dont i?
i do love malaysia.

and now, random pictures about well, Malaysia!! :D
just a lil something i did last minute for comtech class :)

i love going to pasar malams and enjoying road side food under the coloured umbrella while listening to music blasting from the CD peddler's stereo!

ahh.. as JJ and Rudy said, Malaysia is so awesome because we are the very few that have foods that serves as breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper : Nasi Lemak! *yumms*

whoever invented "IF YOU'RE A MALAYSIAN SAY LAH" is a genius!
i shall be LAH-ING all the way :D
*much luck and love to our olympics fighters out there!*


Aryan Goharzad said...

i wish i could talk like this 'bout my country .. i seriously wish .

If i start to talk 'bout my country , and what's happening in it , you'll find it the most weird country around the world .. and for sure you wont believe half of it .

if wish i could love my country , wish that it didn't embarrass me ..

you can't understand how horrible is my feeling about it unless i tell you everything ..
[ the biggest example is that i can not go back to my country to see my brother and either he cannot come out of the country to see me , for the fucking stupid thing named 'military service'] .

p.s. : i didn't meant to put a sad comment here ! sorry !

happyPig~ said...

its okay, like i said, each country has its ups and downs. but believe me, there are many many persians out there that are still loves their country! :)