Wednesday, August 27, 2008


damn malas nak update la.....

i had a very, very bad emo night yesterday.....
i felt so crappy i did not do my work, didnt online,
ohh but i wrote a poem though! :D
yes, crapy days inspire me to write poems, on happy days i just want to have fun and enjoy the whole thing i dont think of poems

sad night led me to have a very emotastic day today. yes, thats why i wore that dirty white hat, to cover my crappy emo face.

ahh but the emo bug flew away edi :)

i should start reading again, since Harry Potter i have not really digested a proper book... all those time wasted at bus stops and sungei wang should be wasted while reading a book.. the thing is nothing has really caught my interest yet...
any recommendations ar? how about Twilight and the lot? is it really good?

i better hurry up finish packing for Kinabalu. YEAY!! kinabalu and white water rafting? how much cooler can a long weekend get? now all i need is bungee jumping, or even sky diving :)

t-minus 2 days to Kinabalu.....
yeah man we'll be celebrating merdeka in style :D


Steph.L said...

Well, if I had known I would've hugged you. ^^ ut then again... I didn't detect anything wrong,... so the blame's on me. >_< I'm sorry.

Hey! I write poetry too (especially when I'm not feeling very good... ^^;). So you're not alone.

Hm... a good book... depends on what genres you want... maybe I can recommmend you something... or something. :p

COol, what a way to celebrate Merdeka. Enjoy yourself and take care! =D

*hugs* (just in case) =)

happyPig~ said...

i like hugs! yeay~
*hugs back*

happyPig~ said...


terima kasih steph~

Steph.L said...

Lol. :D
Well, I love hugs, so yea. X3

*blinks* '_' Do hugs need a reason to happen / exist?

Well... it was a combination of comfort, reassurance and friendship. Well, that's what I think. :p
I just wanted you to feel better, I suppose. :x
Cos you looked like you needed a hhuuuugggg~ XD

^^ Sama-sama Mei (Fong) XD
All the best and take care,
Good night and sweet dreams,
I'll see you around. :)

*hugs* (yet again) =D