Thursday, August 28, 2008

prime minister for a hour day!

if today was friday the 29th, i would be saying this :
all hail me!
for i am your Prime Minister, Dato Chu Mei Fong! hot prime minister :P

i shall be doing my job at the mock election at IDC class today,
and i shall have 2 lines :

1. introducing our King Yang di-Pertuan bla bla bla to announce the dissolution of the current standing parliment


2. the parliment is dissolved!

and after the candidtes debate, and the mock election ends, i shall retire to be Tan Sri Chu Mei Fong.

Prime Minister for a day, how cool is that? lol
annoy me and i shall behead you! prime ministers can do that if i say so, im the prime minister so shut it :P

mock election?
"just for the fun and drama of it" mr chen says.

*** in another world...***

i get to see aeroplane! i get to SIT on the aeroplane!! *yeayness!!!*
i get to walk 7 hours in the cold,
and get my to soak myself in icy cold river water,
and eat sabah street fooooood!!!

now all i need to do is pack my bagsssssssssssss, gao tim student coucil stuffs, pass my radio to dance club, upload cultural day pics or else you will all have to wait for a week and homework.

i go pack bag now.
bye bye.

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