Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my thougths on music, my very first


i dont feel much for pretty boy bands. the common girl will squeal and go all wobbly at the sight, or sound of these boy bands, but wait, im no common girl. yes, yes, they do have a song or two that are really good but still pretty boy bands? to me its just 5 random pretty boys grouped together, locked up in a recording room, computerized voice to sound pretty, slap on some make up and matching outfits, give them a cute haircut, add in some dance moves, and WAHLAH! there you have it : money raking boy bands to melt the hearts of innocent young girls. i can just see the dollar sign on the music agent people's eyes.

they look too perfect and pretty to be real. i dont mind if they dont write their own music but what the hell they dont even sing their own songs. they dont even remix or modify the songs that they cover. its outright copy and paste, down to the very last note. Westlife has a whole album that covers songs of the Frank Sinatras, classical heroes of the 70's. You think Uptown Girl or even Seasons in the Sun was a Westlife original? Think again.

listen to 10 songs in a boybands cd and notice that theres not much difference between each songs. the same sappy love song with the same sappy tune. and all boy bands sound the same. Put on 3 boyband's music and i dont think i can tell part which song belongs to which band. WAIT! boy BAND? i dont see them playing any of their own instrument! why are we calling them boyBANDS again?

dont get me wrong, i dont HATE them or anything, they do have some nice music, i just prefer something a little bit different.

U2, Linkin Park, FallOutBoys, Maroon5. now these are the real BoyBands. no much of boys though, they are men. Songs that are original, different, they have attitude. they dont look prefect and that makes them all the more real. they sing real songs, not the same old breakup makeup story. they are simply the opposite of boybands. their songs make sense, not much of fairytales songs that boybands seem to have mastered. and do you think they have every single aspect of them altered by their agents to earn obscenely huge big bucks?? there is a chance, but it sure is lower than those of boybands.

do i HAVE to say more?

i sound hostile dont i? from what i've learnt, you can never trust the media. HAVE YOU NOT READ THE HEADLINES TODAY? even the cute little flying singing chinese girl a.k.a star of the Beijing Olympics opening is not real.

i know, what have the world become when everything is based on fabricaton.

imma continue listening to my Jet now.

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