Sunday, August 24, 2008

beijing 2008?

okai, the olympics is coming to an end, in about 45 minutes.

yes i know, boohooo, 4 more years before we can see the Chinese win gymnast medals, the African wins atheletics gold, and the Micheal Phelps hoo-haa about his 20th medal.

i had some thoughts about this Olympic thing these past 2 weeks...

the Beijing Opening.
its freakingly awesome isnt it? i mean China can manage to pull that off because they have the population to do so. and did you know that those performers are all volunteers? Yes, they spend 10 months of their life practicsing day in and out, not asking for a single penny to feed their tummy but they feed on the pride of being able to serve their country.. patrioctic yeah? like i said, only China have enough people patriotic enough to do so.

and even though they succumbed to the pressure of media tactics and the shallow meaning of beauty, who can deny that they still made history? but still, its wrong for China to deny a little girls talent and debut because she is not "pretty" enough but put on a different girl to lip-synch- i do hope to see the real angelic voice behind the national anthem during the closing..

basically, the Beijing 080808 opening, is the Chinese saying BEAT THAT LONDON! and if London don't outshine them in 2012, well im guessing there will be some talk.. people always compare dont they?

the Games
how the hell can BMX cycling be an Olympic sport but squash, SQUASH not be in the olympics?u have racquets and balls in squash, just like badminton or tennis! ITS A SPOOORRTT!! next thing you know, pool will be a sport. oh or even darts. Dad just said well this is irony. True, true, the irony of life doesnt always make sense. Squash not being part of the Olympic doesnt make sense. and im not saying this because of Nicol David.

on a lighter note, the BMX cycling competion was coooolll~ lol

and China has won like what? 50 medals already? im thinking half of it is from gymnastics.
1. nobody can deny China owns this sport, its their game, like swimming is to Micheal Phelps.
2. there is soooo many categories, incuding boy's and girl's in gymnasts its crazy
3. and China is kinda sort off winning most of them

like gymnasts is to China, running is to Africa. They are sooooo fast at the end of the race they are like 100 metres before their competitors. crazy superfast wei! you know why they are so good at this sport? its because African countries are not very rich, they dont have equipements and stadiums to nurture atheletes in insert sport here. Sprinting, Marathons - now this is a sport that only requires land, and foot. No wonder the Africans are soo good at it.

and Micheal Phelps is overrated. even the Star published a section on the characteristics of him being a great swimmer - big hands long torso bla bla bla

and congrats to Lee Chong Wei!! silver today, gold tomorrow! :)

the Closing
it better be as good as the opening, or else there would be dissapointments! even though it doesnt dissapoint people, the media will make sure it does.

and there better be no lip-singing girl or pre-recorded fireworks.

Good Luck China!

when will sepak takraw be a part of the Olympics?

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yea.. it is unfortunate that squash isn’t in the Olympics!

thanks for your support of Datuk Nicol!

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err thanks? and how did u managed to find my blog lol said...

We do try to keep up with nicol fans out there ;)

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