Saturday, August 16, 2008

OptimisticPiggyTV part 2

Hello and welcome back to "Who Says CIMP is Easy!"

we have witnessed the panic and struggle as Mei tries not to screw up all her assignments and the presentation that almost made her cut herself, now lets meet the girl herself and listen first hand on what she has to say!

come on up Mei!


Okay, so after that long horrid night, and after this mornings' panic attack and the fear of screwing up my presentation and assignments, THANK GOD everything is finished! the big fat pink elephant that lives on my back finally flew away! Goodbye Mr.Elephant, i hope we do not meet again. :D

the world issues presentation was a pain in the big fat arse. dear worldissues people, if you are doing your news summary report DO NOT DO the Russian-Georgia Conflict! it will just make u cry. seriously. yeah of course it is damn easy to get the information but the problem with that is getting tooooo much information. reading and trying to understand and analyze all the colourful articles that talk about different aspects of the war is cool, but OMG it so sooo god damn confusing i didnt know what was what and just made myself go WHHHHAAAATTT! ohh noo but dont take my word for it by all means go on with this topic if you want to!

honestly after the long night and attempts to not get confused i had no plan on what to present. so i just planned to wing it. seriously i just stitched facts together and empty parts that i didnt understand i just made up answers that sounded logical enough. and i presented whatever i could think of, heart beating fast against my ribs hoping whatever makesense to them cause it didnt make sense to me. during Q and A session i was crossing my fingers hoping people dont ask questions that i dont know how to answer! ohh but thank GuanYinMa again that i could answer Ms Nancy questions corectly. winging it seems to agree with me *YEAYNESS!!!* :D

after that poor attempt on the presentation, that was totally not up to my own standards (yes i have standards, high standards) i was really worried about how i did. pheeeeewwwwwwwwwww luckily ms nancy said i did pretty good. now lets just hope i get good grades on this. ohh and todays world issues class was like a F1 race, i was racing to get my presentation, quiz questions, and referencing activity thingy done at the same time. what a way to start the morning- with adrenalin pumping throughtout!

ahh and finally the photoshop modules is D.O.N.E done! will show you my prettyful emotastic photoshoped stuff soon kay~ :D muacks to mr pacman who allowed us to hand in the bonus thingy during holidays... more time, just what i needed. *yeayness again!*

ahh... holidays.......

okay. imma go prepare for my overnight trek to Gunung Irau!

till i talk about how awesome Irau is,
hugs and kisses :D

HOLD ON! on a last note : LEEE CHONG WEI totally beat Korea's ass (sorry nadia) in the badminton semi finals!! OMG that match was sooooo close and ganjiong!! woohoo we are in the finals lets hope that we win the gold medal! well even if we dont win we already have silver in teh bag GO GO GO malaysia!!!

okai u can press the X button at the top now :P

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