Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ignorance is bliss

words that hurts, tears that sting...

i just remembered why i liked going to college that much

oh well


Steph.L said...


Take care. =)

-A CIMP-ian. :)

happyPig~ said...

aww thank u soo much! :D

which steph are you?

Steph.L said...

You're welcome. :)
Woah... are there so many 'Steph's in CIMP? XD

Erm, I'm Stephenie Loo, nice to meet you. =D I'm a 1st Sem CIMP-ian (July 08 Intake)if it makes anything clearer...? =S

How are you feeling...? Any better?

happyPig~ said...

i know another steph but i guess im not too sure about who you are.. im sorry...

yea yea of coz im fine

holla at me in the corridors yea~!

Steph.L said...

It's alright, it happens. :)

That's good to hear. Remaining true to your title huh? "Eternal Optimist" indeed. :D That's a good thing.

Will try to. =D

Hope to see you around in college then.

All the best and take care. :) *hugs*