Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hey there folks!
Welcome to another episode of "Who Says CIMP is Easy ?" !

last episode we watched a group of OB sudents struggle through their group assignment as tension falls between group members.

Today, lets introduce a new guest! Give a round of applause for MEI!!!!
Mei is a 2nd sem student that is balancing between classes, dance club, trekking club and student council!

but tonight we are not talking about her balancing act. Tonight, we will see a battle between this girl, and her assignments.

watch Mei, as she challenges her news summary presentation, tackles the tricky ISU mind map, takes on the case study and referencing activity!

did you hear that ? "Curse you World Issues!" she just said give her a round of applause people!!! *claps*

but wait theres more!!! Mei still has to battle with the tricky photoshop modules twins! last minute bonus assignements ohhh MrPacMan is a real toughie! and then there is the IDC ISU article she has to hunt down in the jungle of Googles!

WOW! Mei has to finish all this and reach the finishing ribbon for tomorrow! can she do it? will Mei be able to get blissful sleep? or will she be a panda bear tomorrow!


coming back right after these messages from our sponsor.

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