Thursday, July 31, 2008

clash clash clash, again -__-

i love trekking, im STOKED about all the upcoming treks... but...
why does EVERYTHING has to always come at the same time!! always!!!


sorry kadets, i cant attend your AGM... hope to hear good results soon!!
i really really really REALLY want to go..
ARGH i cant believe im missing this!! T.T


sorry avril, i cant see you rock at stadium jalil or wherever ur concert that i have been waiting for ages is! (i dont care if you think avril is lame I LIKE AVRIL :P) Ohh well, i'll just have to wait another 5? years until your next concert :)
*crosses finger hope concert gets postponed!*


my agm.... T.T

Gunung DAtuk and Kinabalu, I SHALL CONQUER THEE!!!!!!

*war scream*


Aryan Goharzad said...

mei , imagine she'll go up the stage and sing the song named ' best damn thing' ... remember how it starts ? :
- let me here you say mei mei mei
-- mei mei mei
- alright , now let me here you say mei mei moo
-- mei mei mooo
but Mei is not at the audience ! how sad !
:D hahaha ...

happyPig~ said...

omg aryan.. that is so... lame but COOL!! hahaahah

u like avril also huh