Saturday, July 19, 2008

to each its own

we are in the same course, we are taking the same subjects (well almost) but life is oh-so-diff.

i've just read a friends' lamet on how mundane daily life can be, from the same people, to the same routine, yes it can get pretty suffocating. and... its only the second week!

a whole 2 weeks worth of routines and days skimmed across the top of my pupils. i came to see how suffocating my life can be too, in a rewarding way. a rush of events arrives at the same dateline. sat night's performance, dance club, trek club, student council elections. all these has been popping up and down in my mind for the past 2 weeks. its pretty much what invades my mind when im on the bus, on the bed, in the class.. yes, i have the tendency to jump into too many things at once to have too many things assigned to me at the same time, but this has made all the difference.

i came into college bringing the passion of leading and following as i once possed during my days in kwang hua. (thank God college did not dampened my love for activities) I guess i have been ever so used to juggling different clubs and school work at the same time i had forgotten what got me so involved in everything at the first place. i remember telling mum why i became so obssesed with kadets and marathons last year but it had not really hit me until now.

if it werent for activities i would not have been able to survive in high school. all my will for waking up and putting on the damned blue pinafore would have diminised. i remember during form 4 ,form 5 even everyday i eagerly wait for mum to send me to school because i had something to be done : a junior to meet, a senior to greet, teachers to have discussions with...

if it werent for activities today, would i still have the strength to take the u62 bus? i would say yes-ish, but, college life wouldnt be as fulfilling and fun to me as it is now. frustrations comes with fulfillment though, just today i was frustrated at people who promised but backed out without a word. i wouldnt have mind at all but wouldnt it be common and polite courtesy to inform, rather then having me chase them down after me putting in effort and time, and borrowing their share of props? but the negativity is overcomed when i see others that are actually as invested and passionate, willing to learn as i am willing to teach, and i regain my sense of fulfillment, recollects the sense of pride i have in myself and them.

and this has brought me fullfillent.
i live my life to the fullest, this has brought me close to my principles.

a person's life, how monotonous and colourful it might be depends on one's choice.
it depends on how much you want your life to change.

i choose to immerse myself heads-first and learn to juggle. i live life in the moment. i live on a rainbow, a rainbow that gets wet when mum voices out but hey, the 7 colours still shine as bright as a summers day.

i know people who complains that life is so boring but blames it on everyone but themselves. its not because of where they are or who they are but their decisions. your life is grey only because you allow it to be. do not say there is nothing to do when you did not find anything to keep yourself occupied with. do not say there is nothing to keep you occupied with when you did not try venturing into options that are available. orphanages, spca, heck even a trip to a different mall would have made all the difference. if you are determined enough to add a pinch of colour to your life, you have a way to make it so. you have to move your butt. papers wont be colourful unless you dip the brush into the inkpot.

dont put your life on hold just to achive that one goal. life is about balance, focuing on only one and neglecting the others makes life sucky. there is more to life than just scoring straight A's.

ever wondered why people's life looks so awesome while yours always seem bland?
now you know.

im still not done on this post, i cant seem to express the feeling and get the stucked gruge out to ya'll. but i dowant to write a novel so,
good night :D

i shall continue start working on ma electorical speech.

till you see me out of the water,
hugs and kisses :D

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