Saturday, July 19, 2008

what. the. hell.

my camera..
my precious Nikon Coolpix that i finally gotten after months of waiting...
my precious new black and shiny camera that mum and dad got me for my birthday.....
my treasured brand-new camera that i just owned for only a month...
my cute camera that i only used for 2 weeks...
my camera that i swore i would take it with me everywhere i went......

is missing.

because my brother left it in the cab.
how typical of him.

grrraaarrrssssss what the hell my new camera!!!!!! :(
after i have anticipated for so long and just when i had to use it for comtech assignments.

i feeel like biting someone.

ohh and sssssuuusssshhhhh.. dont tell my mum the camera is missing. D;

pek chekness.

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