Sunday, July 6, 2008

10 reasons why im stoked abt sem 2

SEM 2 STARTS TOMORROWWW!!!!! finally? finally. :)
many of my friends arent really excited but im stoked! for a few simple reasons.

10 reasons why im glad holidays are bye-bye and CIMP starts agains:
1. no more sleeping at 3 and waking up at 12! ( i hopes)
2. a regular routine
3. i cant believe im actually saying this but ..... homework. my brain literally died during this month, me needs stimulation
4. i have people listening to me crap again : friends :)
5 FUN!!!! duh imgaine all the clubs~
6. i can become smarter-er-er and my brains are put to good use
7. i can rott infront of the computer doing hwk rather then rotting infront of the computer doing nothing. i actually have things to do again!
8. why not?
9. y
10. z

there you have it, 10 foolproff reasons.

im taking CIMP by storm. *insert evil laugh here*

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