Monday, July 14, 2008

imma going on a journey.

another boring dose of Puteri Gunung Ledang today. this time we get to see Puteri and Hang Tuah ai2 mei4 scene. i want to ask them if they got "sou4 jin4 wei1 qu1" anot. ohh and the mountain scene looks awesome!! the moutain looks so serene la, the peak of gunung ledang looks simply breathtaking... cant wait to go up Gunung Ledang soon!! but i heard that after the PGL production, they totally destryoed the mountain with their rubbish equiptments and stuff. if its true, damn them. D:

im going to the centre of the earth this weekend with meghdad and smi. lolz. its free! the only thing we might have to sacrifice is our life because its like so dangerous to get in and out? but who cares about danger when u get to experience a journey and breathtaking views that awesome!? i wanna see the blue shiny birds and man-eating plants and dinosaurs!! i wanna sail in a dinosaur-skull-boat and stand on magnetic rocks!!! i wan i wan i wan~ :D imma going this weekend :D

journey to the centre of the earth is actually quite cool, you guys should go watch it! the really weird and funny thing during the movies was i was sitting between Smi and Meghdad, and they "wah...." and "wow..." and "WOAH!" at the same time. lolness. -___- and Meghdad gave me chocolates! *yay* and they all learned Mei's Sign Language today :)

today was fun:) i actually havent had an outing like this in a long time. ( yes i know i sound so sad)
i wanna have more todays! :)

till i have another today,
hugs and kisses yo!

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