Wednesday, December 3, 2008

after prom night!

im at dharma's house,
with lots and lots of frosties!!
but dont tell anyone else. :D
i put frosties in everyone's drink!
they love me for it!!! hahahahahah

smita, mini, dharma, daniel and sharwind and matthew says hi!

we're on the 22nd floor, and the view here is sooo nice!
there is lots of lights at the bottom,
like many many christmas baubles that shines like the stars!!!
nice :D

daddy and mummy is fighting, i hope their done and making up,
dharma sharma is out,
waiting for him to come back,
ge bullies me alot.
daniel and sharwind darwin is acting stupid,
well, they always do!
and smita, smita is being smita! LOL :D

ipoh this weekend man woohoo!! :D


Dharma!! said...

omg i so dont bully u alot k,just abit:) Hey i wuz sayin u cute the whole nite k,we all agree!!! Mei Raccoon so cuteeeeeeeeee hahahaha

happyPig~ said...

raccoon ur head.