Wednesday, September 10, 2008

post Kinabalu talk

it has been a week..

yes im still harping on kinabalu!
what do you expect? it was damn super awesome and memorable ok just ask the others!
and how can i stop thinking about the trip when there's still so much Kk stuff to do and talk about !!

courtesy of Kit.

what i miss about the whole trip is actually not the trip itself, but the days before it...
when we had car washes!
and t-shirt sales!
and folding clothes for the Punan Bah charity spin off!
and more car washes!
and the Sale that nearly happened :)

t-shirt sales!! the model~

very first car wash!

Punan Bah charity Drive

i miss the pre-KK meetings,
all the talk about the trip and questions and excitement!
the excitement of packing and preparing,
and lame jokes as well...

i miss the pre-KK treks..
where we climbed together,
and wondered how Kinabalu will be like,
asking each other if Kinabalu would be harder...
(or rather me pestering Kit about it)

Gunung Irau Mud Madness

most of all,
i miss the stitching of bonds,
getting to know new friends,
and family alike,
learning about each other..

the sticthing of bonds gave me a mum and a dad,
a sister and 2 brothers,
which is the best best bestest part ever!
its funny how strangers became friends, and now family..
i love them very very much :)

i miss going to the staff room after class to kacau my mum and dad for all the kinabalu talks..

hahahah.. but now still got kacau. if not they will miss me.


to think i almost said NO to this trip, im glad i joined, and tengkiuuuu to my parentsss for supporting me in so many ways possible! This trip and the whole process seriously gave me the best memories in college, highlight of my life you might even say! i cant imagine what it would be like if i was considerate and thrifty and missed all this...

wah scary!

special thanks to

ms. collins
andrew (acknowledging ur car wash help ok)

super awesome KK troop!

with love !

*omg i dowana graduate leave this club and all the people! i wanna fail my subject and stay another semester!!*

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