Monday, September 29, 2008

yeay im fatter! :D

thank god my metobolism is slowing down and im getting fatter!!!

so i just watched my dance videos from 2005, which is 3 years ago, which means i was 15! and ohh myyy goooddddddd i looked sooo different!

tall, thin, lanky, and akward. AND i had braces and the stupid cleopatra-ish fringe!!
yes i was geeky. and out of place.
now i understand why people said i looked like a dancing skeleton, cause i seriously looked like one!! no wonder they used to call me aneroxic!!

people always say i got fatter and look healtheir now, and i never understand coz other that that bluging pot belly i always thought i looked the same. now i know. yes, thank god im growing fatter now, i look so much normal-er!

god bless the fats!

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