Sunday, October 12, 2008

juggling acts-not for the weak hearted

tis has been an emotastic week,
with stress levels and breakdowns flying through the roof. i felt like an energizer bunny but nont a bunny, a piggy runing into a dump with the hundreds of stuff i was juggling and all the emolicious thoughts clouding my mind.

tis has been an emotastic week,
and today i found out why it has been such an emotional one. its the hormones people let me tell ya ITS THE HORMONES!!! stupid pms'es. and i thought I was going crazy. but no, its just that time of the month when girls' boobs feel swollen and they go on hormotional overdrive.
but i have a question.. am i feeling emo now because of my period, or am i getting my period now because im feeling emo?
zaleha, this explains alot ><

tis has been an emotastic week,
but nontheless an eventful one with new experiences and little unexpected surprises... and now its end of the week, while my "events" are far from over, i can sit back an enjoy the past 7 days, and all the concoction of mixed emotions that comes with it. :)

Pink Ribbon Week..

"Pink Rib - in conjuction with breasts"

thanks za for the awesome pink-ribbon-love!!

what i've learnt from the campaingn: even if u have non-existent breasts, it doesnt mean you won get breast cancer. AND THAT MEANS YOU TOO GUYS!!

and, always, do breast self examination!

CIMP T-shirt Design
is finally finalised... sorry guys it took so long but there were complications in the process.. but the shirt will be out soon!! i really really hope you guys will like it cause it wasnt easy finding the right one! i cant wait to see the final product hopes it comes out great!

student council met up again for another practice session and it was great!! *i wuv sc* its something you wont expect! come come come come talent night this wednesday k! Dance club has been practising hard for you too!! and i've been perfecting trying to perfect my solo routine too so please please come support me kay! not to be missed!
my first solo routine im damn nervous ok!

Chicky Fun Day!
i had a show for KFC carnival today~ it was cool, but during the third number the dj played the wrong music and well, we just had to wing it! so much for all the practices hmph ! OHh and i got to watch Alvin and the Chipmucks and The Apocalypst on the bus. DAMN NICE WEI!

thanks eva ;)

Captain Chicky and Me! aagagag

Chippy the fries. hahahahahahahaha

coming soon

urgh... the yucky reality of school :( even the sound of it makes my inside squirms. have to go get to it now. AND, thanks to my big kissable mouth i have to redo my isu. MY ISU!

wish me luck people,
pray that i surive next week in one piece :)


imn. said...

you danced with a chicken?! oh lord. i'm going to be dancing with someone who danced with a chicken. haha.

oh mei-mei, there's only one picture of you because when we were taking pictures you went downstairs.. :)

[Zero.Nuker] said...

dont hate ISU. later ISA, ISU's big brother come and arrest you how?

must love ISU! =]

chico said...

oh god, i cud get breast cancer even if i have non-existent breasts? 0_0

happyPig~ said...

hahaha iman!! i dance with a chicken, fries, and the anotehr 2 thing i forgot what they are. :P

happyPig~ said...

amir... when u were in cimp.. benci isu tak? :P

happyPig~ said...

chico!! YEALA!! even guys can get breast cancer :)

[Zero.Nuker] said...

not that bad la. i just dont like it when my group mates don't do their share. geram betul

happyPig~ said...

next time do solo...
oh wait u tak da next time edi right