Saturday, October 25, 2008

lost and found

hallelujah i found my voice!

she wasn't lost, she just needed a break from all that shouting..

oh voice oh voice, how i miss thee sweet sound,
you have been lost on a long journey,
and your husky raspy cousin came to town,
when you decided to return slowly,
the reluctance made you oh so sexy,
now you're back,
slightly sick from the sores,
but wanting more,
to tremble in sopranos and altos,
to talk and shout and play,
like never before..

oh thy sweet sound,
i missed you so!
we shall have all the fun,
shout all we want,
talk till we cant
like we did before!


Wayne. said...

Your voice trembles in sopranos and altos?

happyPig~ said...

not really. it used to. and then i realized i suck.

so now my voice just trembles like a screeching duck...

Wayne. said...

Ducks can screech? :O yawn. im tired.