Monday, October 6, 2008


iman says i dont update enough.
so i shall.

and because i know you guys LOVEEEEEE my reptile post so much,
here are more cool animals i found at the reptile exhibition place!

enjoy :)

the animal that won the creepy award has got to be this red-knee tarantula!
the only thing that was freaky.
so furry, so big, so creepy. Good creepy :)

and the CUTEST award goes to these two!!
(OMG they are sooo cute!)
have u ever seen such a cute frog!?
the watery puppy dog eyes makes u forget about hte fact that its freakishly obese!

and this gecko!! i looooveeesss the spots and colour on him!!

okai people, to those of you who are still cringing, thats the end of my reptile post! happy?:(

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