Saturday, October 4, 2008

snap snap!

snapping turtles.
probably the only other reptile that fascinated me the most besides the snakes at the reptile exhibition.

whats cooler then snapping turtles?

i mean, who knew snapping turtles actually existed in real life!? i used to think snapping turtles only existed in superhero shows like Kim Possible where air headed super villians like senior senior or Dr Draken use snapping turtles as vicious man-eating animals at the bottom of the trap door to kill Kim Possible!!
imagine my glee when i saw a real life actual SNAPPING TURTLE that was HUMONGOUS!
*squels* > <

nyhahahaha OMG let me tell you the Alligator Snapping Turtle left me flabber gasted!

okai, so here's...
Mei's Top 10 Reasons Why Alligator Snapping Turtles are so damn fascinating! :

1. It stood there, for the longest time not moving an inch at all with its mouth wide WIDE open. it was motionless, like a statue. so much so we were wondering if it was dead. but its not. it just doesnt move. at all. probably until a fish or something swims into his mouth.

2. the thing doesnt have a mouth, it has a freaking BEAK!

3. the beak and jaw is so strong, it can severe a human hand! alligator snapping turtle CAN kill super heroes!

4. so the at the bottom of the mouth there was this piece of worm attached to the tongue squirming around. at first look we thought that the turtle was rotting or something (which made us wonder even further if it was dead) and then, AND THEN we noticed the squirmming worm, was actually a part of its tongue!! the alligator snapping turtle has a worm-shaped pieced of flesh that moves around and when displayed by a motionless turtle on a river bottom, draws curious fish or frogs close enough to be snatched. a very smart mechanism to lure potential dinner, no?
5. Carnivourous. eats anything that bleeds. even humans.
6. It looked like an alligator and a turtle mated and lay this amazing reptile.

7. adult snappers have no other predator except humans! which means no other animals dare to mess with this turtle. but, it also means that its kinda endangered. :(

8. normal turtles have shells. this turtle, has a freaking SPIKED ARMOUR!

9. it looked like a prehistoric dinosaur turtle thingy. something out of DINOSAURS.

10. how can something be dubbed "dinosaur of the turtle world" and not be awesome?

me : " lets get a pet snake!"
mom : " why can't you be like a normal teenager!?"


[Zero.Nuker] said...

hey, nice pictures! where were all this taken?


happyPig~ said...

eh amir!! why are u here lol!! the pictures are actually blurry but thanks! :D

taken at a reptile exhibition at One U!

[Zero.Nuker] said...

ohh ic... either way the pictures looks nice =]

i got here from TMC's blog

happyPig~ said...

thank uuu!!!! :D
i wanna learn from u though.. teach me hwo to take pictures? :P

[Zero.Nuker] said...

hahaha, sure thing but lessons gonna be difficult, i live in langkawi. *chewah macam la i bagi lessons* =P

why wanna learn from me? I dun think imma good teacher =]

happyPig~ said...

then u can learn to become a good techer lo.. im a good student! :D

[Zero.Nuker] said...

what camera u using?

and i just realise that there are two reptile posts, i thought they were the same O_O

happyPig~ said...

erm.. digicam i used.. haha
nikon lame ass coolpix digicam

but tan tan's dslr is my hostage for now *evil laugh*

[Zero.Nuker] said...

keep it! don't give it back to him! hahaha play around with the dslr la, try different settings, go online and search around also la. go flickr, usually the pictures posted got settings info wan, i learn from there la =]

happyPig~ said...

eh too late, return him liao. hahahaha

should have hold onto it and ask for ransom