Thursday, May 29, 2008

disaster in our own home

we are all aware of the disaster in China and Myanmar, and God bless to all who have been contributing to help ease their burden...
but while we are all busy tending our neighbour's wound, how many of us are aware of the pain that some of our own family members are facing?

Did you know Sarawak, Punan Bah, the largest and longest longhouse has been burn into debris by merciless fire? did you know hundreds and thousands of years of history, culture and art has been wiped out, just like that? Our Punan villagers now lost their heritage and houses, and daily necessities.

The tragedy happened Monday (5th May 2008) at 11am. The terrifying fire burnt down 4 longhouses and made more than 300 people homeless. The oldest "Keliriengs" or burial poles in whole Sarawak that believed standing for over 200 years in Punan Bah were destroyed. The victims are currently in need of food and clothing.

The CIMP trekking club team, lecturers and students all have dedicated time and effort into helping them to cope with their lost. Our charity initiatives have mainly been going on on campus, but i believe my friends, you people can help too.

CIMP Punan Bah Longhouse Charity Initiative activities:

1. Booth collection of cloths, toys and stationary
we have collection booths in various places around campus, but seeing that most of you people are my fellow kwang huarians, i welcome all of you to give me a call and pass the donations to me... anything will do, anything that they can use... but please no torn stuff and underwears please!!!

the stuff has tripled and quadroplled since this photo was taken BUT WE NEED MORE!!!

2. T-shirt Sales - "I'm addicted, take me high... up the mountains"
& grey version
RM30 per shirt
RM2 of every shirt would be donated to Punan Bah Longhouse Charity Initiative
its pretty cool and comes is women and mens size.. its ok if you;re not sunway or cimp, if you would like to help our and get one of these cool shirts, just gimme a call k! :)

only 250 copies printed! it has been selling like hot cakes! call now before sizes run out!

the t-shirt design... nice eh! order ten now!

3. Money Donations
You can also help by sparing any amount of money for these poor souls... again, gimma me a call, pass the money to me and i'll pass it to my lecturers~ :)

4. Create Awareness
Help out by passing on this bit of info to your friends and family, through your blogs and facebooks and frienster profiles.. merely letting people know about their plight is good enough~

more info:-

They need help, we can help, so why shouldnt we?
wait no longer.. if you are kind enough, Call me at 017-3536081 today~

Peace & Love~~~

hugs n kisses people!
extra xoxo to those who help~

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