Wednesday, August 5, 2009

this must be a new record

ladies and gentlemen,
in one week, no wait, 3 days of classes, i have successfully misplaced
1. Touch and Go Card with Rm14 still in it,
2. my handphone,
3. my new water bottle, which mum bought yesterday, and i used it the first day, and its gone.

plus, 2 months ago i left my Sony Erricson W700i in Los Angeles.

in my defense its not lost, its MISPLACED. its only lost if you dont know where you left it.

i know that my Touch and Go Card is somewhere in college,
i know that i left my handphone at home and it grew legs and ran away,
and my new water bottle is somewhere on the train.

Mum and Dad cheng sim and nothing to say edi, so at least they didn't scold me.
but dont tell my bro though, or i'll be in deep shit.

the fact that my aunt told everyone at home (mum, dad, uncle+family, grandpa) that i lost my phone wasnt very helpful either.

me: mum, wait tomorrow i'll tell you what i lose again ok. let me decide first.
mum : *cheng sim* *nothing to say edi*

what da fuck is wrong with me!


ah dy said...

at times like these, say: "i need a mountain..."

happyPig~ said...