Friday, August 14, 2009

you know its special- my berries

i have never had a group of friends this awesome.
call me a loser but i have always been the awkward loner outsider, even if it seems like i have lots of friends, i have never been able to belong in a group. till now.

i've never known how it feels to be apart of a family,
to just chill with a bunch of awesome people,
doing nothing but playing boardgames,
and talking,
and singing,
and cracking up at the funny man's joke.

this bonding thing we do, the laughing and singing and crazy 3 hour msn chats is just intimately special,
and i know im not the only one cherishing how special this is.

taylors is sweet because of you guys man.
ohh and the best part is its only the 2nd or 3rd week of college.

Berry's, i love you! <3

appleberry :)

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