Thursday, July 30, 2009

mushrooming days are over

so today was orientation.
and everyone is excitedly asking me how is it and why am i not excited for the first day of school.

what is there to be excited?
people, its orientation.

you go and sit in a hall of confused faces,
listen to 12 strangers giving uninspiring speeches trying to convince you that you made the right choice to study at their institution,
you tour around the campus and spot the best sleeping place,
and then you go listen to more strangers talk,
you get your timetable,
and you go home,
with "skipping tomorrow's orientation" in mind.

i am however, very looking forward to official classes. the lectures and debates and 4 days classes. :)

timetable looks crappy, but hey i have friday off so im not complaning!


XtasyM said...

orientations are stupid...

happyPig~ said...

amen to that!