Sunday, July 5, 2009

i love cartoons :)

you know the chinese proverbs that says you learn new things from reading old books that you have read or something like that?

well, i find it very applicable to movies too, and much more fun compared to books.

I've just watched the re-run of Toy Story 2, a very legendary movie from Pixar- my all time fav animation production company, and it was EFFING HILARIOUS!

"The movie's clearly articulate theme is whether life should be lived for the future or in the present- somethings both adults and kids may find provocative "

when i was 9, when toy story 2 was first released it was this magical cartoon with talking dolls and singing penguin. It was a mindblasting movie then, as it is now but at that time it was just funny at parts action packed at parts and the good 'ol happy ending that puts a smile on my face...

but watching it 10 years later, i found myself laughing hysterically at all the subtle irony and parody and humour that the creaters wittingly, sneakyly incorporated into the movie that i have never notice before. like

... the Star Wars parody - " I AM YOUR FATHER!" "NO......................."

... The airline that the toys were headed to was called FAREAST, and they were headed to Japan. Far east-Japan. get it? very smart eh?

... and the part where the plane crew was loading the luggages on the aircraft and they just threw the box with the Fragile sticker into the plane and then the glasses in the box broke but the crew members didnt give a shit. - ohh so true. and a very nice comic relief too

ohh and all the other hilarious moments.....

i think Pixar has been sold though.. OHH THE HORROR!!

this is why i love Pixar movies, they made movies that not only kids love, but adults, teens, grandparents would enjoy as well. Something the whole family can enjoy indeed. and the best part about Pixar is the story line is always very original, predictable at times (all movies are), but very very original and creative. Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc, Wall-E - all fresh and uniquely Pixar, always fun to watch! unlike all the movies nowadays that recycle old ideas to create the same movie with the same storyline and the same cliche ending. ("17 again"? come on that is "13 going on 30" with reversed age situation and reversed gender) its either that or they remake old movies, create sequels or just copy storylines from that best selling book, comics and cartoons. the world is out of ideas! next up we'll be seeing the the remake of SuperMan, Enid Blyton tales in the movies and in 20 years, Transformer remake but in cartoon version on the big screens too! im not much of a creative genius myself but at least im not the one being paid to have new ideas.


watching your a good movie that you havent watched in years, highly recommended. you might just find a new spark in that old love of yours, discover something new :)

what say you?

p/s: Toy Story 3 coming out in 18 June 2010. suprise surprise. click HERE and while saying TOY STORY 3 to watch the very funny trailer!

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XtasyM said...

YEAH! Its already been years... and i watched toy story when im still in primary... WOW...

i still love the 1st movie... anticipating for the 3rd... wakaka... u'd got a fan here... a fan to his childhood :D