Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Be Body Beautiful

Mei's tips to be Hot like the Sun and Shine like the Moon!
that are boy, girl, and metrosexual friendly :)

what the doctor told the brother :

Ever wondered why that pimple on your forehead never subsided even after putting copulous amount of expensive pimple cream for days!?

the answer is so simple you'll go "uhhhh..."

Here's how to make sure those icky face gunk work-
-after cleansing and drying your face, allow face to air dry, till its totally dry BEFORE attacking that acne with pimple cream.

- forget about putting on toner and moisturizer and all the other stuff ! pimple cream on a clean, naked face works best. extra layers will only dilute, and reduce the efficiency.

your face will still be damp, not totally dry even after wiping it with a towel. the leftover moisture on your face will dilute the cream that you have appiled. Thus, the watered-down substance will not work as effectively on your skin and leaving you with extra days of pimple stress, which willl cause more pimples! oh no!

-$$ saving extra! you only need to apply a teeny, tiny amount of cream. the size of about the 1/2 of the tip of your pinky will do just fine. any brand of pimple cream will work, there is no need wasting on high end products that will give you the same effect!

so, for clear healthy skin, let your face breath and let it dry! my personal reccomedation is to put on toner and moisturizer after your face is damp no more!

also, don't stress about having pimples, you don't want MORE pimples, do you?

hope this works! :)

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