Saturday, July 25, 2009

good pain, the kind of pain that makes you feel you're improving.

the dance teacher said that i have a 'S'-shaped spine just by looking and feeling my back.
S, not the right shape for a spine.
I told mum, and now she's freaking out. she always suspected something was amiss with my back, because i used to hunch really badly, really really badly, like an old witch, or hunchback of notre dam. S-shaped spine, she said, will affect my ovaries uterus cant have baby back problems in the future bla bla bla bla bla. guess i'll be expecting to get chummy with 50 year old weird smelling chiropracter uncles.

how fun.

spine is not the only problem with me, mum started talking about the weird strecth marks on my inner thighs. 19 year olds should not have stretch marks! this is baffling! i wasnt pregnant, i didnt get fat and thin in a short time, i didnt do anything to get these marks, i dont really care. mum does though.

and now she's talking about the weird arch at the bottom of my feet! it's abnormally high, mum said, "you've got flat foot". mum, people have flat foot because they DONT HAVE an arch. its too high. its dancer's feet. bollocks.

stop scrutinizing my beautiful body mum!


bruises and a loney swollen bump on my back.
and shoulder
and the top of my feet, you know, the boney part where your metatarsals (or whatchamacallit) are.

i pulled my inner thigh muscle attemping a failed spilt.
now i walk like a penguin.

contemporary dancing is so much fun! i love it.

is it weird if i tell you i enjoy the pain?


mohammad ali said...

MEI, by the things u said , i've come to this questions that" are u a human?' hahaha

Anonymous said...


Zaleha said...

the S shaped spine thing...

sounds like scoliosis..i have it :s

but it quite common amongst as long as its not disrupting your daily life..

it should be fine :)

XtasyM said...

Yes... u sounds weird...

I got a fren who was a kinda pro dancer too having a S spine... Even myself too... If its not severe, shouldnt be a prob :)

happyPig~ said...

lol ur head la kiong.

the teacher and of coz paranoia mum said in the long run it might affect some parts of the body. coz the spine is connected to other parts of the body and it might be putting pressure on some organs. kelvin maybe can verify this haha..

not good la .. especially for dancers also. the body line when dancing later nto nice.

XtasyM said...

lol... if i got to... its true...

if it pressured on organs then u'll need surgery... which is a 50% success according to my fren tat MAYB going... imagine 2 went in only 1 come out and the living one mayb vegetable =.=