Thursday, July 16, 2009

to start from scratch again.

i hate regrets, i try to live life without regrets, i dont have many regrets,

but, i regret not taking up dance classes for that 4 month stint in US. i should have just tough it out and take that one hour bus ride to Aurora and pay that hard earned cash i was saving and go for that one hour dance class and take another one hour bus ride back home.

who knew how much damage 5 months of NOT dancing did. the techniques and alignment i painstakingly got good at after YEARS of practice, now all gone.

and i have to start from step one again. the worst part is i know what im doing wrong when im dancing in front of the mirror but i just cant seem to do it right. freaking hate the fact that i suck at dancing now. haih... i want to go for more classes. :-

people. if you are good at something, be it music or sports or drawing, dont stop practising just because u are busy or lazy. its takes a lot of hard work and time to become good at something, imagine having to go thru the same process all over again, just to get back to the same level as u were before.

ay caramba.


XtasyM said...

LoL... after sometime it'll come bac to u... talent just cant be lost :D

happyPig~ said...

but the time and work to get it back and hard and frustrating. thats the word, frustrating.

xin tong man. and its not natural talent i have, its hard work and practise de. haha