Friday, July 17, 2009

they're awesome that way.

mum and dad purposely teman me all the way to cheras because i said i wanted to order a pair of dancing heels. for some reason mum decided to make a pair herself.

dad purposely drove us all the way there and even though its a new place and none of us have even been there before, he found the way without getting lost. he has one of the best sense of directions ever i dont remember getting lost in his hands. he's like a navigator. he's awesome that way.

we love trekking. fav pic of dad and me. first time he take photos like this. first time he let me take photo of him haha. first and last.

mum actually have their number stored somewhere and called up and got directions. i just mentioned that this affordable shoe shop in cheras and she immediately remembers that she saw in on the papers 2 years back and saw it somewhere. her pile of junk that i always complain about is useful sometimes. she's awesome that way.

when i had short hair. damn long ago. see the resemblance?

Dad knows i love love love satay and purposely turned into Peel Road for some really awesome Kajang Satay to makan but sadly the shop wasnt open. so we had kuey teow, assam lasksa and sup kambing instead.

and we have to go back next week to collect the shoes.

i didnt have to do a thing. i paid though! :)
and i didnt really expect them to teman me go up just to make one shoe and come back to klang again.

but they're really supportive when they know its something im passionate about and its something i need, not want. if its something i want just for fun they wont peduli me. lols!

mum and dad gets really annoying sometimes,
but they're awesome that way. <3

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