Monday, July 20, 2009


the tiny icon at the left of my facebook page shows a picture of a very familiar face.
"Christina Chu" it says beside the picture.

Christina Chu is my mum.

my mum has a facebook profile.
my mum has a facebook profile.
my mum has a facebook profile.

wtf! the world as we know is about to change!

here's to hoping that she doesnt add me! >.<


XtasyM said...

My dad just added me in facebook last month =.= lucky he dont log in n view my profile... LoL... but my uncle is very active in facebook though...

y suddenly the elderly loves facebook? O.o

Good luck to u :P

happyPig~ said...

WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO BE YOUNG AND HIP!! there;s a reason why the internet came waaaaaay after their optimum laerning period is over.

Melissa Leng Lui said...

my sis created an account for my dog and my dad uses my dog's account and his account to play poker wtf?

happyPig~ said...

and u and ur dad are facebook friends right? HOW IS THAT NOT CREEPY?

why do ur dog need a facebook acc?

Melissa Leng Lui said...

YEAH Hahahaha ! but he just uses it to play poker (i.e - dosen't check notifications) so dosen't matter lah lol