Saturday, July 4, 2009

being the littlest aint always the best

First child is the kid with the most attention,
Second; the neglected,
Third; the spoilt?

How true is that?
it may be true, to some degree.

thats why we always hear of friends complaining that their baby sister is the littlest spoilt brat ever,
a friend who is caught in the middle would lament that big brother gets all the praises and him the scolding,
and the eldest in the family would often be heard sulking about having to take care of his siblings.
and then they hope and wish and dream real hard......
" if only i was the baby kid, i wouldnt have to deal with this crap"
or something like
" if only i was born a year older, maybe dad would love me"....................

but you know what they say,

With the Good, Comes the Bad, and maybe the Bad would make something out of you.

assume that i am speaking for the majority,
and based on my own observation.

the Eldest, having to look after pesky little babies all his life would turn out to be one heck of a leader. ohh,. and first dibs on the college fund how nice is that?

the Middles, suffering years of being shadowed under elder and little, being the "neglected" one, will grow up to be the most independent of the family, being able to survive on his own. (although i dunno how living under a shadow gave my bro such a big ego.)

and lastly the little kid, having being so called babied and pampered and love all his/her life,
have lived a better life than his/her elders. what baby wants baby gets, and thats enough. happily forever a spoilt brat. BUT do you how nice is it to be living with the name "spoilt brat" all you life? do you know being the littlest means having the whole family including grandparents, assume that you are the dumbest and stupidest and laziest and the almost-useless one in the family? Even though you are capable and smart and have painstakingly studied like there's no tomorrow to get a freaking scholarship because your parents already spent the college fund on your brothers! and even though you are the president of this and that, a perfectly capable and smart persson with commen sense and the top scorer and have made the family proud countless time, it all means nothing and you are still considered that little kid that knows nothing and cannot even be trusted to help grandpa pack his bags or a simple task like sending mum the flight details. even if you have smart and strong and useful opinions it usually is ignored because you are once again, always and just a little kid.
ohh and littlest kid gets to grow up having to be as good as their brothers AND play with hand me downs - 2nd hand clothes, toys, room, bed, car- how FUN! ( i dont mind the hand me downs, just saying)

so you grow up with the title "spoilt kid that knows nothing" all your life or until your mum decides to go all Angelina Jolie and adopt 7 more kids from Africa.. even if thats not the case.

and, in my defense, i want to state to the court that just because i am the last child, I AM NOT SPOILT. I was not awarded 50Ringgit for every A i score, i get scoldings when im bad, i mostly cant do the things that my brothers get to do, and most importantly, lots of the stuff and attention that my dad and mum gave me was because i worked hard and earned it. and having 2 extra people to look over your case just because mum and dad is not enough is always extra fun.

there, do you still envy your siblings for the attention they get?


bro " go help you grandpa pack for his holiday."
me " kong kong, need help with your packing?"
grandpa" you? you no need lah. you dont know anything gong-gong wan"


bro"sent the flight details to mum edi?"
me "yes"
bro "the time and flight number and airline everthing got put in anot?"
me "yehhhss"
bro "you know which one is the flight number anot? dont send the wrong thing"
me "yessss"
bro "which one? show me."
me " this one la! you think i stupid is it?"
bro " little bit. cannot trust lo. cannot trust"

double ouch.


i still love my family and i have awesome brothers ok.


Dharma said...

totally get it...

happyPig~ said...


XtasyM said...

LoL... the conversation were very funny...

i used to thought how nice if im the youngest but i still enjoy to be the eldest... i cant compare among my brothers cause we love different things n spend differently... i assume its a good thing... lol

Melissa Leng Lui said...

i know how you feel mei

happyPig~ said...

im so glad y'all feel me too. im not crazy woohoo! lol